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Experimenting with a different hue shadow color.  This is Burgundy Wine.  I worry that Twilight Blue/Snow Shadow/Ghost White will come off a little lifeless, and this is my attempt to change that.

Khaki Shadow, Dirty Bone, Splintered Bone on the teeth.  Went with a hit of Linen White for one last highlight, not pictured.

Thanks!  Me too.     Twilight Blue on the skin.

Posted Images


More Shadowed Steel on the club, and various studs.  I’ve been working on the shield in parallel, so it’s getting the same wood and steel treatment.


Finger and toe nails.  1:1 Golden Blonde:Ghost White.

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Shield attached.  Now to work on Demon/Spell/Enchantment effect.  I’ve been using contrasts of orange and blue.  I plan to continue that in the shield.  Assuming this Ogre is Arctic and cold resistant, most likely he would live and battle among similar creatures, so he would seek out a fire weapon/spell/effect.  So, blue face and orange eye/nose/mouth to suggest the shield will erupt some flame.

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Decided I should do the glow effect first, since I’d likely hit some of the blue.



Marigold Yellow.


HD Burning Orange.


HD Fireball Orange.


Hearth Fire.  I felt it needed more brightness!


Mixed 1:1 Marigold Yellow:Candlelight Yellow.  Thought it needed more brightness...



Mixed in some Dragon White.  Calling the glow effect done here.  Need to continue highlighting blue to add to the OSL effect, then maybe glaze some yellow onto it.  Then blend the blue into the wood.

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Sky Blue, Blue Flame and Dragon White mixes.


Some glazed Marigold Yellow for the OSL, and Shield Brown to blend the brown and blue a bit.  Basically done now.  Need my rim of Dragon Black on the base, sealing, and adding snow and tufts.

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