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Shading the dinosaurs with purple.  Yeah, I know you had enough of purple dinosaurs in the 90's and I'm probably off my rocker, but I'm going somewhere with this. 




My inspiration,  from Antimatter Games:




Obviously I need to do a lot more layers. 


I finished this little 3d printed sarcophagus: 




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The last of the Bones raptors plus a pair from Wiz-Kids round out the pack. 




The others were based with a rough mixture of green and black, and I lined their mouths. This trio will follow. 


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I ended up meandering along with more scenery on Friday.  This ruined tower is a recycled tire piece from Wartorn Worlds, who are now out of business.  It originally came in a factory tan paint scheme, but I didn’t have anything to match, so it didn’t get used.  When I ran across it in the great scenery organization last week, I decided to see if it would take paint.






The answer was, yes, it would.  If you look above at my paint collection, it’s a simple three layer job of the gray triad, with a bit of very dilute burnt umber sloshed around to take the bright edge off the “Granite Gray”.  I added a few tufts and a bit of flocking, and now it blends with the rest of my table top scenery.  Now for a scenario to exploit it...

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@Rob Dean that came out well, the flock is a nice touch. 


Bringing the new raptors up to speed. A couple of the others had a soak in the hot springs to help loosen stiff legs so they can stand up better. 




Garr the war dog got a base coat, and I got out the wight, not sure what to do with it yet.  I forget what the 3d printed cat creatures are called, but they got a little more paint, too. 




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Painting continues...


Door to Nowhere (off Thingiverse ) base coated brown and drybrushed with tan:



Select areas drybrushed with a brick red, door hinged lightly brushed with silver: 



Raptor pack gets a layer of brick red:




And you can see the crappy 1/4" brush from hobby lobby I have been abusing throughout this project. 




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Final shot of the door:



Highlighted the brick with some flesh tone, drybrushed a little green on the base a few other highlights on the tree.  


Done with the dinos.  After the black wash I did some more highlights with rust, white, and spice tan, painted eyes, and went over the mouths, teeth, and claws.  Here they are shown with all paints and tools used:




Beauty shots:






Challenge complete! 

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I spotted one unopened bottle of craft paint today. 


I also located about 9 random house paint Sample colors from Home Depot. Those are even less expensive than Apple Barrel, Delta Ceramcoat, etal. But maybe they don't count?

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8 hours ago, TGP said:

I spotted one unopened bottle of craft paint today. 


I also located about 9 random house paint Sample colors from Home Depot. Those are even less expensive than Apple Barrel, Delta Ceramcoat, etal. But maybe they don't count?


I would definitely count them for this challenge. 

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Um... I don't know how else to say this other than bluntly...

I only own craft paints...  I've only ever used them.

When I buy more expensive "proper" paints (vallejo, citadel, etc) for mini-painting, I just get disappointed.

Sooo.... Can I even enter in this contest?  I feel like I'd be "cheating"...


I do use specialties though - like effects (such as citadel's "blood for the blood god" - which always looks like wet blood) - but other than weird effects, yeah... It's all craft paints for me.


If you intend to buy craft paints, I'd suggest Americana, it's the best company for it - it usually stays a good water/pigment ratio, and doesn't turn to cement after a few months.  I also like that they are (almost always) non-watery, so I don't have to make a million coats.

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      Hello everyone, I'm currently working on an Ogre gang and completed the painting on this model last night. This is a 77455, Ogre Smasher sculpted by Bobby Jackson. I swapped the top of its club with that of the 77454, Ogre Clubber. I also added three more skulls at his waist belt. it was all painted with Reaper MSP paint. I will complete the base later since I may add more elements to it.











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      Just a random assortment of the first painted from Bones V.  I sort of cheated...my Kickstarter arrived yesterday but I borrowed these in advance from a friend who got theirs earlier.
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      Finally got around to painting some Bones sci-fi... painting the flat panel armor was a new thing for me. Used a mix of Reaper, Vallejo, and Contrast Paint, and some washes here and there.. 

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      This one has been on the desk for a long time. I really like the sculpt, but the cast is a pain as I find most of the older human sized Bones models. The Face was atrocious. Luckily he has a big hat. The photos are washed out but give a good idea of how he looks. He is too shiny for my tastes as the newer Testors Dullcote doesn’t seem to work as good as it used to. Unsure how I ended up going from a coal black duster to green, other than I had too much green paint out for the Marines I was trying to get off the shelf of shame. 

      One down and thousands to go! 😀
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      Bad photos, bad Bones cast, and tabletop paint job of Balto Burrowell the Gnome Wizard. Painted this one up as my sons kid character in hero kids. Fuego is a young kid who can cast some fire spells and has survived three adventures and he was on his own in the last one. 

      I am really beginning to loath these older human sized minis, but this is the closest I had to a human child for his character. Fairly simple base coat, washes, and highlights. I was having a lot of problems with my skin tone paints being too thin (even after several minutes on the vortex mixer). I guess that is the pit fall of no painting for months outside of terrain. 
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