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Angels and ministers of grace (77363, 77364, 77594, various Nolzur's aasimar)

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It's a wire loop used in jewelry making.  You can buy bags of them inexpensively at most craft supply places.  They are very handy if you want to make a pedant for a necklace, or attach something to a bracelet. 



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Thanks, all! I appreciate it. 


Yes, jump rings are those things they use to make that chain maille jewelry. They have lots of craft uses! 


4 hours ago, Iridil said:

The halos are genius repurposing - and work perfectly! I like all the colors and the backstorry.


On 4/10/2020 at 5:38 PM, Inarah said:

Beautiful work. I like how you've brought figures from different lines together, and I love the burnt metal look of the orange and purple metallic wings. 


Thank you! I love worldbuilding especially when it comes to weird effects, and the wings on these are great for color transition practice. Also love mixing and matching similar beings from different lines. 

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      A solar I'm working on as a gift to someone. What do you think, sirs?

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      For this miniature I wanted a not pure black and red miniature. It's sort of my go to and wanted to change it up a little.
      From start to finish I have included images.
      I did take more images than these but I wanted to not have a mile long post. Besides ill have a video up soon for this.
      Why blue? Because I thought the blue would greatly contrast against my usual colors of black and red. It also posed a challenge on how to do it AND make it look good when finished.

      The last photo doesn't do it justice to be fair.
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      SonOfCheese mentioned offhand that I would have to be "insane" to try to blend Cyan to Yellow, so I took this as a challenge.  :-)  Being Celestial and all, the Solar (IMHO) should have brightly colored wings.
      I dithered on what to do with his sword. I wasn't too keen on the sword being just a sword, so I ventured into a little bit of OSL with it.  Suggestions/comments/criticism appreciated if you have it, as this is uncertain territory for me :-D
      I did not want his MeatClaws(tm) to glow, because that would damage the delicate flavor of any celestial barbecue he chose to make with them.

    • By dks
      I like to speed-paint. 
      This past year, I spent a lot more time on other projects and didn't do much painting, but I got in a few rounds of speed-painting at KublaCon (in May) and at Origins (in June).
      I don't know why I didn't post these photos months ago, but here they are now.
      At KublaCon, the speed-painters get to use sets of about 30 little plastic pots of craft paint, like you might find in a paint-by numbers kit -- joined in rows of sprue with flip-off lids, and all set into a routed piece of plywood. 
      I don't know who makes the paints.  The range of colors is pretty good, but some colors just don't cover well.
      KublaCon first qualifying round:  big medieval zombie.  45 minutes.
      Man, was I rusty.  I didn't have a strong idea about the colors, other than green skin, for whatever reason.
      David Diamondstone was in this heat with me, and he won.  He pointed out that my paint-job was too clean for a zombie, and he was right.  His version had more dirt and blood.  I stole that for my next figure.
      (David has won the KublaCon painting contest, and gold medals and Sophie Trophies at ReaperCon.  Check out his work in the ReaperCon galleries if you haven't already.)
      I painted a second coat of black around the edge of the base.

      KublaCon second qualifying round: modern zombie.  45 minutes. 
      It had less surface area than the first zombie, which meant more time per square millimeter and a more deliberate paint job. 
      I had a better plan for the skin -- deep purple shadows, then green-and-pale highlights, plus zombie-riffic blood and bone -- then thought about the rest of the colors while my hand was putting on that paint.
      I also painted a second coat of black around the edge of the base.

      I couldn't attend the final round of speed-painting because I was running a game at that time.
      Three weeks later, at Origins, Reaper's own LadyStorm was running the speed-painting tournament.
      The paints were a 12 Reaper paints (black, white, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, Tanned Skin, silver, gold, and ... I don't remember the 12th color).
      Origins qualifying round: a Bones sci-fi trooper.  Small and simple.  45 minutes. 
      Three lines of freehand on the chest make for a basic rank insignia.
      I haven't done any more painting on him beyond those 45 minutes.

      Origins semi-final round: Bones deva (#77363).  45 minutes, maybe 50.  We all thought it was a cruel joke to give us such a big figure.  Cruel yes, but no joke.
      Still... win!
      I got at least one coat of paint on almost every surface.  (Those few feathers behind the shield eluded me.  Because this was the flexible Bones plastic, I could pull the wings back to paint their inner surfaces.)
      I started with the wings: brown at the base and wet-blended to Tanned Skin.  If you squint hard enough, they actually look OK.
      I chose the aqua-green skin and yellow-gold sword to fit the image of a planetar angel from D&D.
      I haven't done any extra painting on this one, either, but I'm wondering how much better it would look after another 45 minutes!

      Final Round: we had our choice of 2 figures -- a bigger hippo-man or a smaller rhino-man.  Both will be part of the Bones 3 release.  60 minutes.
      I chose the hippo because I had a vision of the gray and brown-pink skin gradations, but I couldn't do them as smoothly as I imagined. 
      Not a win, but still fun.
      I think his big mouth and teeth turned out well, and his bright tropical fruits look yummy.  No further painting on him.

      Thanks for looking.
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