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Bones 3 Graveyard (Obsidian Crypt and Graveyard Fences + Extra Fences)

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So I'm finally getting to the terrain for my graveyard set. I've washed the crypt and the fences. I got an extra set of fences, and I think I'm missing 1 short fence,  because I have 5 of those, and everything else is even in number (doubled). Can anyone else who got both during Bones 3 confirm if they had 5 or 6?

Here's stuff having a soak.


Somewhere I have my Bones 4 toppers, but I'm not going to worry about that right now.

I'm debating putting stuff on large tongue depressors and making stuff modular... though that would leave some gaps if I make a fence around something specific,  as opposed to a representative "fence." Anybody try it and abandon?

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And the rest is primed. I'm especially proud of that roof base - 1 teal craft paint,  1 brown primer, 1 gray primer.

Stuff dried nicely. Nice to know I can do this Will most often have crypt on hill "old" cemetery fenced off.

I had more time than expected and got all my drybrush done for this stage at noon. Then tonight  I did my first wash. I'm pretty happy with how things look now. May decide to do finishing on saturday

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When I assembled my fence whole I found that not every point where the iron fence crossbars meet the posts naturally touched, leaving very small gaps between the pieces at those points. This was after I had already done some sanding on the brick portions to flatten their sides, so should have met up flat. The solution was to tip the posts a little in some areas, and then shore up beneath, or just fill in the ground with putty before texturing it like dirt. Additionally, putty was needed to blend the brick sections.


I don't know how this would affect your decision. I can see an argument for doing it either way. On the one hand, since gaps are inevitable without additional work, it's probably no worse to risk gaps by making it modular. On the other hand, if you like things to sit flush against each other, you're probably going to be more successful by making it one big, whole fence.

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I did some stuff that didn't show up very well - turquoise drybrush and some lining of the metal plates(and shields).roof spines not yet glued. I intend to rust them up a bit.honestly i cant tell the difference between the drybrushed sides  and the yet to be drybrushed ends. :/





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I had more time than expected and got all my drybrush done for this stage at noon. Then tonight  I did my first wash. I'm pretty happy with how things look now. May decide to do finishing on saturday instead of multiple drybrush/wash steps. I'm still unsure how I want to handle the spirits and "alcoves."


A very rough assembly pic to see how it looks.20200416_204245.thumb.jpg.fbc66b7722d90faedf33e4b42a7b8ec7.jpg

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I went back to the Bones 3 Kickstarter page while I was on the computer, and it turns out I'm NOT missing a short fence. The original graveyard set included 3, and extra fencing added 2. A little disappointed, but it means I can plan on what I have.... though I think that will give me 1 spare short fence. I'll figure it out later.

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Found my post toppers  - I got skulls. What was I thinking? They look fine, but are a bit more over the top than I want. I rusted the metal, but I'm going to have to tone that down. I'm going to do another coat of drybrush- tan and light grey. And a black wash on the metal. Pics later cuz I'm doing more today and toddler needs to nap.

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I did the wash... and noticed I hadn't done any drybrushing of the toppers. Now I'm going to have to do them from scratch tomorrow because I didnt file them well enough the first time and it wasn't noticeable until drybrush time. So much darn work because of the mold error. I'll do 6 standard and 6 skull. No pics because nothing looks too different from this afternoon and  I don't have time to set up for better pics. I'm close to assembly, so pics of individual pieces before then. Then I'll probably work on the crypt until I can find the basing I want for the walls.

I'm debating something really dumb like gluing baking soda over the circle... leaving the sigils as holes, as if someone traced stuff out in a salt circle. Anybody done that before?


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