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Bones 3 Graveyard (Obsidian Crypt and Graveyard Fences + Extra Fences)

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And the rest is primed. I'm especially proud of that roof base - 1 teal craft paint,  1 brown primer, 1 gray primer.

Stuff dried nicely. Nice to know I can do this Will most often have crypt on hill "old" cemetery fenced off.

I had more time than expected and got all my drybrush done for this stage at noon. Then tonight  I did my first wash. I'm pretty happy with how things look now. May decide to do finishing on saturday

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And I got replacement glue and more flock (unfortunately none of those industrial size jugs  - more in quantity than I got - for 1/4 of what I paid) but I did get lots of variety. My FLGS has inconsistent stock and no ability to filter for what is in stock on their website (seriously, why is this a problem with so many retailers?) so I'm glad I got anything at all when supply is unreliable. Probably not much more for a while until I can flock a bunch. Maybe on the weekend?

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Looks like I never took pics of the bits of wall with static grass. I'll do that soon. Moving to graveyard scatter (some large, some small), some homemade most bought (remnants of Bones Graveyard expansion and an extra tombstones kit, and a Renedra Tombstones kit). Those'll be other threads.

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Posted (edited)

Some colorific stone. Oranges, purples, dark and olive greens and cyan.  A bit ridiculous but I'm planning a couple more dry brush coats, a wash and... maybe more.

A very metallic or pearl or opalescent effect.


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    • By lexomatic
      This is a storage box/ terrain house I'm building for my kid's High Rollers set (which was found today and played with all without the knowledge it was a gift).
      Will have removable roof maybe with shingles. Currently  just have walls and door. The extra cardboard from the door will disappear.

    • By lexomatic
      I decided to do the Mystic Circle so I could do all kinds of occult and folk horror scenarios.
      Currently "cooking" in the utility sink. The base parts were pretty warped. I may glue them to some foamcore for a little extra stability, but mostly traced, because I need to keep them " modular" for storage (the arches, I think they still qualify as dolmens, but I forget, will get pulled on and off. Unless it really doesn't work ).

      This will likely be an all June project, because I had an unexpected computer death and porch reno and need to deal with that.
    • By lexomatic
      I decided to do the big treant today to have something that I could do quickly.
      Here's today in a few pics. They got a bit out of order.
      Green beard, orange mushrooms, black + browning shadows, brown + light brown in highlights.  not sure what more I'll do. May not get to paint until the weekend.

    • By lexomatic
      I have a set of walks ways and stairs, and some other stuff coming in summer, so I'll keep it all here.
      Today was base coats. Tomorrow will be drybrush snd details.

    • By lexomatic
      My kid loves stealing my dice.
      So I'm painting some High Rollers as a bday gift later this summer. Kid is not old enough to paint with a brush yet.
      Day 1 was saturday - priming and base coats on the bases and D'Tenian. Maybe my first painting this year?

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