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"PROJECT ROSE" snapshot miniatures by Minstrel Creative


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Hello from "Minstrel Creative" studio! We are a group of board game designers and artists, and we make 36mm scale high-quality collectable miniatures for our board games.

We are working on "Project Rose"(Working Title), a Role-playing adventure miniatures boardgame focusing on legend narrative storytelling and dungeon adventure experience. 

At this point in time, we would like to showcase some of our miniatures from our "Project Rose" IP by creating a limited-run collectable snapshot with a selection of miniatures, so gamer, collector, and painters of miniatures and boardgaming hobby can have the first taste of our miniatures. 

Fund raised by this campaign, after covering production cost, will go to the development of "Project Rose".

All miniatures are designed in Australia and are ready for production locally.

We hope that you like what we do and we are grateful for all your support.


 Why Kickstarter? 

This is a simple KS campaign for us to showcase some of our 36mm scale photopolymer resin miniature designs as a snapshot collection, these first-run collection of miniatures of limited quantities (100) and this particular variants are only available as part of this campaign.

Funding gain from this campaign will cover the production cost, the rest of the amount will go to the development of "Project Rose", which we aim for another Kickstarter campaign for it's mass production.

All miniatures in this campaign will be manufactured by photopolymer resin SLA 3D printer, and are ready for production.

This campaign have no stretch goal or add-on options, you'll get all listed content in this limited-run collectable snapshot by making a single pledge.

Why Photopolymer Resin miniatures?

Our miniatures are made with Photopolymer Resin, and manufactured with SLA 3D printers.

Compare to traditional resin casting and DLP 3D printing:

  • SLA printers are considered the gold standard for smooth surface finish, with appearances comparable to traditional manufacturing methods like machining, injection moulding, and extrusion.
  • SLA parts have the highest resolution and accuracy, the sharpest details, and the smoothest surface finishes of all 3D printing technologies.
  • SLA printers can achieve intricate shapes and structures with lossless fidelity, which is considered difficult to achieve for traditional resin casting.
  • For detailed comparison between SLA and DLP, please click HERE

Our miniatures are manufactured in 25 microns layer thickness, the highest Resolution available to the technology we used.

What will you get?

By pledging Support "Project Rose":

Your generous support is greatly appreciated! 

This will allow us to gain support from you for the development of "Project Rose", and keeping you up to date on the future progress of "Project Rose".

By pledging "Project Rose" Snapshot Miniatures:

You'll gain all privilege same as the Support "Project Rose" pledge, moreover, you'll get the following content:

  • 1 X "Mark of the Mother Rose" special promo card, a prove of early adopter that enable special privileges on our future "Project Rose" kickstarter campaigns. (First privilege will be a 20% off of our "Project Rose" first core game set while pledging through Kickstarter, and much more.)
  • 1 X Felicity Lécuyer 36mm scale miniature
  • 1 X Euphemia Lécuyer 36mm scale miniature
  • 1 X Gertrude Novak 36mm scale miniature
  • 1 X Fiore De Lucia 36mm scale miniature
  • 1 X Felicity and Euphemia Postcard size printed illustration and backstory
  • 1 X Gertrude Novak Postcard size printed illustration and backstory
  • 1 X Fiore De Lucia Postcard size printed illustration and backstory

Please note: 

  • This is a limited run release of 100 copies.
  • All miniatures require assembly and painting, this is not a toy.
  • Basic hexagon bases included.
  • This is a physical delivery product and will be box packaged, no digital distribution will be available.


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I can deal with the anime feel of these, and wouldn’t mind owning them but the 36mm scale means they’d look ridiculous on my game table next to my 28 and 32mm scale figs I’m already using. The size creep has got to stop somewhere. 

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59 minutes ago, Adrift said:

I can deal with the anime feel of these, and wouldn’t mind owning them but the 36mm scale means they’d look ridiculous on my game table next to my 28 and 32mm scale figs I’m already using. The size creep has got to stop somewhere. 

yeah, the price means I wouldn’t have gotten these anyway, but...


why are they stormcast sized? I could only use these in a game if I needed ogre sized ladies. They look nice, but these don’t appear to be aimed at gamers. Well maybe Kingdom death or other similar larger scale games. Though having ogre sized girls could be an interesting plot line. 

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Bummer on the scale. I could definitely stand to have some anime-styled ladies for my miniatures collection, but they're definitely too tall. I've got enough of that with the minis I got from Limbo, and the handful of KD minis I've bought, but I'd rather not go getting too many of them. Very cute figures, otherwise.

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While I like a good Anime type mini, theses are all rather 'well-endowed' Maybe a bit more variation?


And... the price... 

If it was 5x 75mm scale minis, then te price might be right, but for 36mm scale?




20% off of the core set later'? 

Only matters if you're a gamer. 


I think I'd rather download a few stl files from Thingiverse, Kults3d or myminifactory.


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