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SPACEFUTURE: Empress Messalina IV of the Andromedans and Vizier (as Zeta Reticulans)


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You may have seen the Zeta Reticulans before. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/83670-spacefuture-zeta-reticulans-and-flying-saucers/


If, in a reversal of roles, you were to be taken to THEIR leaders, this is what you would see. 

Patrick Keith really outdid himself with these sculpts. The mixture of decadence, arrogance, and calculating cruelty comes across perfectly, and that's without  noses or eyebrows. The gestalt of scheming luxuriousness is remarkable.What plots and counterplots (and contingency counter-counter-plots) are they devising against Earth--and each other?! 



Sometimes it's tough being the messenger: 




Thin layers of metallic/pearlescent paint over underlying colors are a theme with this faction. 

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5 hours ago, Inarah said:

Gorgeous!  She's sure to lure in humans with her beauty, before sending them to their deaths in the mining pits.   I've had the metal version for a long time but haven't dared to paint it. 

Do it! I believe in you! 


And yes...I like this. Mine gulags, treachery, and empires really go together. 

12 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Great job!

The Empress does look like she's planning an invasion, the counselor just informed her that their ships lack the necessary range to reach Earth.

This will not end well for the counselor.

Oh, he's got a plan in place to escape the Slave Pits! If you last as Vizier long enough to grow whiskers like that, you DON'T give the Empress bad news without countermeasures. 

"My liege, would it be WISE to expand our borders at this time? Your rivals conspire against you in the Citadel of Nobles, and would surely strike at the first sign of overextension! No, consolidating your power in the Capitol is the surest course of action. I have here a list of names..." (Of course, he founded and inspired the conspiracy in the first place. An Empire needs threats, or what is the Secret Police even for?!)


Or maybe he'll just blame it on the Chief Scientician. DSCN4827.thumb.JPG.195a3ce120b3c01762c796c30cef49fd.jpeg.283f5b4f42979d256aaf7d6b5cb0ce55.jpeg

"Nnnyyyyyahh! Sabotage! I am undermined at every turn, my Lady! Could we but fund the High-Energy Research department, perhaps by pulling funds from the Citadel's overflowing coffers..."

13 hours ago, silentoutsidr said:

The colors are great.

Thank you! Cheap craft-store pearlescent over various pastels and sunrise tones, mostly. 

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