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Serpent’s Skull, Pathfinder 1e


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So here is Sabine Spirit Caller: https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=2180658


I've still got some equipment to buy and many of her spells and abilities can change from day to day, but I have what abilities she starts out with on the ship.  I can change things around once we get a feel for the rest of the characters.  I still have a bunch of equipment to buy.  Don't expect a whole lot out of her for combat.  I'll mostly be buffing/debuffing, healing or casting spells.

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Hey his parents Toad him what to do and to hop to it!


I think that's the route I'm going.  I will have the character ready tonight. 


On another note, do you all think it might be worth while to plan a bot mechanic for our characters so we have a response if you get distracted?  We did this back in the PBM days because letters could get lost, people forgot etc.  Basically its a list of actions you would normally take in a given situation (like in combat I will attack with ranged until engaged, or I will charge the first monster I see, or I will try to charm the ladies), a set of instructions we can use if someone gets called out for real life reasons.


I have just seen too many of these games die because one person got distracted by real life or forgot and then didn't come back or came back but now someone else is busy or any number of reasons, normally right in the middle of combat.  If we had some basic combat contingencies for each character then even if you got called away for a week or two the game could continue.


Thoughts?  am I being too pessimistic?

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Usually I will PM someone after 24 hours. If no response after 24 hours, I’ll NPC their actions until the player returns.


That being said, this group consists of a select cadre of reliable, frequent posters.

Also, I’ll suggest And coordinate auto-actions with you all before we get too heavy into the game.

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@dwarvenranger You mention he is a Jungle Half Orc.  Any variant rules that go along with that?  I found a 3.5 OGL wiki about jungle races that had some things, but I didn't find any specifics in Advance Race Guide.


@Dilvish the Deliverer Not sure if it's a typo, but you list your spirit animal is a Parrat, and it gives +3 linguistics.  Where is that from?  I found Parrot, but it gives bonus to Appraise, and Rat which gives bonus to Fortitude saves.

So far....

Shaman (Unsworn) - Dilvish - Party Healer?

Cavalier or Cat Burglar? - Haldir

Unchained Monk - Dwarvenranger

Magus? - KangarooRex

Magus/Rogue/Paladin? - ShadowRaven

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No worries.  I found it.  AON references Ultimate Wilderness.  It’s not on the legacy site I usually use.   What I had found on wikis mentioned using stats for raven, but they just mean everything else like the Bestiary Entry.


It gives you +3 linguistics.

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