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Serpent’s Skull, Pathfinder 1e

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Hi people. Im going to start another PBP.  So far I have interest from @ShadowRaven, @dwarvenranger, @Dilvish the Deliverer, and @Kangaroorex.   We’re going to start the Serpent’s Skull

Is that Frogwarts?  

I’m ok.  Can’t get these posts to “stay followed,” so I’m lapsing.   Thanks for checking in.  I’ll try to organize a post this week.

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Whats your rules for disengagement and rising.  If there are none, its good to know.  A number of my groups used acrobatics to rise or disengage without provoking but I have never seen it in the rule books so i thought I would check.  While I'm at it:  whats your view on the 5 foot roll?  Again the rules are pretty fuzzy here about whether the 5' step is available if you are scrambling on the ground.  I am fine in either with either ruling but i should know the answer since i am actually playing a combat class for a change.

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I’ve thought about this.  I know monk has or had a ki ability to do something like this (kip up, only uses 5 feet of movement, doesn’t provoke), there is a feat like that on Archives of Nethys.  It will take too long to read all this damn feats.


The usual rules as written:

prone to standing takes a move action and provokes.  Until you are standing, melee attacks against you gain a +4 bonus.


The tricky thing about this if I house rule it is that you move at half speed using Acrobatics to avoid AOO, so does that turn it into a full round action?  They mention in the Core Rulebook you can do it while prone, but they are talking about crawling prone.  In Pathfinder, the DC is based on targets’ CMD.


I’m going to allow it.  I thinks it’s a fair idea.  DC is based on Target CMD.  For each additional threatening creature, DC increases by +2.  If you fail, you provoke AOO and they get the +4 to the attack for being prone.  You will pick which enemy is a straight roll, which is CMD+2, which is CMD+4, etc.  Essentially this tells me who are you trying your best to avoid.  But it will all be one Acrobatics Roll.  It will be possible to succeed on all, fail on all, or succeed partially.  It will take a move action.


Does this sound acceptable?

If you all agree, remember, monsters will get to use this rule also.

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10 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

Whats your rules for disengagement and rising.  If there are none, its good to know.  A number of my groups used acrobatics to rise or disengage without provoking but I have never seen it in the rule books so i thought I would check.  While I'm at it:  whats your view on the 5 foot roll?  Again the rules are pretty fuzzy here about whether the 5' step is available if you are scrambling on the ground.  I am fine in either with either ruling but i should know the answer since i am actually playing a combat class for a change.

To answer the rest of these:

If you are prone, you can crawl 5 feet as a move action.  It doesn’t specifically exclude combining that movement with the Withdraw action.  You could withdraw, use your first part of the full-round action to move back 5 feet without provoking, then your second part of that movement could be to move 5 more feet crawling, or to stand up, hopefully now out of range of those who would wish to perform an AOO.

You cannot “5 foot step” while prone.


I would not allow Acrobatics to avoid an AOO for disengaging, since they already have a set mechanic for that: Withdraw Full Round action.  If you would provoke from movement after the first square of movement, you could move half speed to use Acrobatics to try to avoid a second or additional AOOs.  Alternatively, you could use Total Defense as a standard action to gain a +4 to AC, then move away at half speed using Acrobatics to avoid AOO, or stand up from prone, or even Acrobatics to stand up from prone after Total Defense, essentially negating their +4 bonus to hit you from prone if Acrobatics fails.


Or, keep taking the -4 to hit from being prone and beat on them from the prone position.

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On the 5 foot step - the rules as written say that you can take a 5 foot step without provoking an AOO but only if you take no other move action in the turn.  While I like the other way better and Ari will happily head towards the pile-o-weapons I figured I would clarify...


I have always read this rule as a concentrated guarded step in which you are basically in combat but actively moving to disengage from your opponent without turning tail and running.  Sort of starting with crossguards locked and winding up at sword tip to sword tip range.  If Arune can move, let me know and I will move him towards the pile of goodies.  If not I am fine being just out of range of Mr stinger!

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      For his shield trophies, I included some skin tones and hair colors that could represent elf, dwarf, human, goblin and undead.  The wood planks and boards on the shield are freehand.  Kavorgh got a little extra love with the bloodstain on the axe.
      WIP here:




      And the group shot.  Enjoy.
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