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Serpent’s Skull, Pathfinder 1e

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1 hour ago, dwarvenranger said:

You know, I marked both of the topics to be followed and for some reason both later undid the notifications. Odd.

Anyway Lorak, would have stayed neutral towards any others. Currently his goal is to get back to the Mwangi and his tribe. In his mind anyone or anything that helps with that is his ally and anyone or anything that hinders that is his opponent.

I will try to play him true to this.

So if the others like him, great. As long as nobody hinders him from his goal, fine. But if they slow him down or try to act against him then there will be conflict.

Currently he doesn't *like* anyone, ok, well he finds the frog and cat kind of amusing. Nor does he consider anyone his enemy, but the current situation is considered an opponent to be defeated. 

His attitude towards the others is likely to change during the adventure.


@dwarvenranger I'm having the same problem.  It is acting like I can only follow one topic at a time.  Just do your best to check the forums whenever you can.


@Kangaroorex If your character has a climb speed, it gets a racial +8 bonus to the climb skill.  It then can Climb at it's Climb Speed instead of half of it's walking speed.

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you can move this or yell at me but i look at the gathering post as a place to talk like I'm at the gaming table rather than in game


My thoughts for our GM's questions:


What are the 5 important things to worry about in a survival situation short term?



long term Shelter

abilities of our fellow survivors

Immediate threats in the area (the reason I sent Arune skulking out into the jungle around the camp perimeter)


What is your long term goal?

Arune has 2:

Get off the island and back to civilization, but also:

This his first real adventure, he is going to want o explore the island and discover its secrets.  His feeling is this island practically reeks of magic and mystery and he wants to explore!


What things do you think you need to worry about shipwrecked on a fantasy desert tropical island?  We already talked about the daily scorching heat.

Scorching heat can be mitigated by the sea itself, nothing like an afternoon swim to cool off in the tropical heat. 

Fresh water is a definite concern, if we have a location where it can be obtained (unless we have a cleric willing to chew up a spell slot to create water) we should make sure we have a new source before we move from this one

Food is going to be a situation quickly if we don't find a source.  it sounds like we have about a week with our current population to find a local source of food or get off the island or get very hungry.  We should maybe have the NPC's fishing with the nets to supplement our food stocks.


What things can you do every day to stay safe and keep your camp and it’s inhabitants safe?

stay on guard, we should have a regular rotation of at least 2 people watching the perimeter

keep the fire as smokeless as possible and put it out when not cooking (after Ari rests he will have spark as one of his cantrips so fires wont be a problem)

clearing the local area of nasty beasts if we are going to stay at this point (I would rather strike out for the lighthouse as quickly as possible)


Assuming the PCs are going to be adventuring every day, who is going to do what to accomplish daily survival goals?

NPC's sound like they are currently capable of providing some food and Jask can hopefully provide water if a local source isn't present either by create or purify water

The fire should not be lit unless actual cooking is required (too hot to stand around one anyway :))


We talked about attitude of the NPCs.  Do you suppose there is another aspect of mental state to worry about?

Ari was pretty hopless in that category but I am hoping we can make sense motive checks after we talk to them about plans to see if any of them are suffering or distracted and hopefully separate out any trouble before it can infect the group.



Anybody else?

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I'll get my post up in regards to the questions after I get the yard mowed.


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Sorry it took me awhile to get back to this; I was having a DnD game (via internet) with my HS gaming group.  Though now I look at it, it's only been a 5 or 6 hours so that's not so bad.  This is moving really fast for a PbP.  I like it!


5 short term: Food, water, shelter are the big three.  Morale of the castaways (including us).  Safety from danger.

-Food: we (PCs and NPC's can hunt and fish)

-Water: both Jask and Sabine can prepare Create Water (2gal/lvl; lasts 24 hours) as a cantrip.  So I can create 60 gal/min.  We have the barrels so we have somewhere to store it.  I also have a Warka jar with can produce water overnight (enough water for a single creature per day) overnight.  We can use that to fill water skins or a barrel with "real" water.

-Shelter: looks like the camp we have is good enough until we find a better or more defensible location.

-Morale: we interact with the NPCs and find out their goals and help them to accomplish them.  I assume one will be "get us out of here".

-Safety from danger: most likely the most difficult.  we can set up alarms and tripwires, but things can come out of the jungle(?) or the ocean so we will need to explore both to find a defensiable location, a safe path to the lighthouse and to determine the dangers present.


Long term is getting off of the island.  It down't make much sense to pack everyone up and try and move straight to the lighthouse.  We don't know the way, or any obstacles in the way. (unless one of the maps gives us an idea).  The island is supposed to be dangerous, plus there is theoretically someone with enough power to charm the Captain running around the island.  So long term is exploration of the island and finding the way off.  Also finding the witch that caused a shipwreck and killed the crew/stranded us here.  The spirits call for justice!


Staying safe: sentries and alarms/tripwire are good.  As is fishing.  assuming we adventure, we can hunt/find food on the way and bring it back.  Or perhaps we alternate "adventuring days" and provisioning days.


NPC's: we can each take the time to talk to them separately, and get them on our side.  I've got a decent Diplomacy/Sense Motive (8/7) so I don't mind taking point on public relations.


That's what I've come up with so far.  I'm sure there is plenty that I am missing.

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I'm not a talker or persuader so I doubt I'd be any help in trying to talk with the NPCs. I've got a +1 in Diplomacy & that's it. I'm a house/trap breaker not a fast-talker.


As far as goals, other then I'd put water 1st but over all Dilvish has my thoughts down as well. We might ask the passengers if they have any maps of the region. I mean they may be regular passengers in these waters or were/had a possible reason to be on the ship in the first place. They are just hiding the fact that they might have a map (treasure or other wise) on them.

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I agree with most of what you all came up with.



Food - This will need to be active either by PCs or NPCs.  Someone put forward the idea of PCs Adventuring one day and Camp-Duties another, alternating.  Not a bad idea, but the longer you stay on the island, the more chance of picking up a disease, or having a morale meltdown, so it may be better to focus on adventuring if the campsite is being sufficient enough.

Small Creatures need a half-serving of food per day, so you have the equivalent of 9 mouths to feed per day.


Water - The adventure lists “1 gallon per day for a human, twice as much in a hot or strenuous situation.”  This is wrong.  It’s normally 1/2 gallon per day, twice that in hot/strenuous environment.  Again, small creatures are half that, so it’s going to be 9 gallons per day.  As long as Jask is happy enough to take care of this, you are OK.


Shelter - Set for now.  You can always keep your eyes out on a better situation/location, or improving the current one.


Fire - with Spark, this should be OK unless heavy rain puts out the fire or gets all the wood wet.  It’s up to you if you keep the fire going to drive away bugs and wild animals, but that may draw the attention of sentient island inhabitants.


Clothing - beyond the scope of an RPG really.


Long Term:

Getting off the island 

keeping everyone alive

Information about why this all happened


Setting up the rest of the AP.


Special Considerations:

1. Camp Duty.  They list benefits to setting up functions in camp.  Each NPC if helpful enough Attitude can do one or two of these jobs.  The PCs can do any of them.

a. Defender - sets up traps to harm trespassers

b. Guard - decreases chances of random encounters in camp

c. Medic - increases HP recovery and decreases chance of disease

d. Entertainer - boosts morale, see more below.

e. Hunter - collects 8 medium sized ration-day equivalents per full day of foraging.  If you use Survival Check instead, DC 10 due to abundant game and fresh water, and takes 4 hours.  Each 2 beating DC increases the amount by 1 person.  It seems the “hunter” option is very generous.  Combined with the food on the Jenivere, one hunter and Ship Food would last over 3 weeks.


2. Disease.  Biting insects are a drag.  Staying in an enclosed structure while resting will decrease the chance.  So does fire, but it needs to be a little smoky.  So do medics on camp duty.


3. Attitude we’ve talked about.  Gotta try to figure out how to talk to these people, what their personalities are like, how to talk to them, how NOT to talk to them.  If the are hostile they may leave, attack, steal, slit your throats at night, etc.  If they are Friendly and Helpful, they may give out items, quests, or other boons.


4. Morale.  This shipwreck has tested the resolve of everyone.  The PCs are rising to the challenge.  The NPCs are shaken.  They can get worse or better.  If they get scared or hopeless, it can end bad for everyone.


Pragmatically: Although that lighthouse is a good goal, remember that even though it’s a sandbox, there are still level guidelines for encounters, so take your time, explore, look for Easter Eggs, and build yourselves up.

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well, there are some intermediate goals.  we know the lighthouse is in the south.  We dont really know where we are or what other landmarks are known.

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we should work out a general marching order and general plan for action. Do we want to try and be stealthy-ish? Send out a forward scout? 

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Looks like some of this is deciding itself ::D:. We seem to be headed for a stalking goat investigation - less sneaky trailblazer goes ahead and looks for aigns/traps. Sneaky members lay in wait behind the trailblazer waiting to surprise anything that attacks the trailblazer.  Then the heavy tanks and finally the rogue watching them.  


I think it will work at least until we reach a town or dungeon...

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Apologies, very long & frustrating night at work last night + came home around 1030 or so about hour later we went & did our grocery shopping for the week. I crashed as soon as I got home. I'll have a post up later.

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Sorry, wasn’t intending to make ship #2 look like a phallus.  Was just imagining the rear castle having a wider part for a firing position on each side...

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