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RPEX Dragon Pins by Larry Elmore


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Just stumbled across this. I suspect quite a few people here are fans of Larry Elmore's work.  They're soft enamel pins, which I also love.   Shame the green and white dragons are so limited.....




RPEX Dragon Pins by Larry Elmore A limited edition series of collectible soft enamel pins that have magical powers!




The images were then scanned and colorized by Matty Lloyd.  Larger images of these detailed illustrations can be found below.





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9 hours ago, Inarah said:

What the heck is "soft enamel"?  And wow, those get spendy if you want more than one. 



A single layer of enamel that leaves each section concave and gives dimensionality. Hard enamel is when each segment gets completely filled so that the top is flat.

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that's basically it. They use the same enamel for both, but soft enamel is much easier. Hard enamel is expected to be very smooth and can increase the price each on the pins significantly

Yeah, the pricing is weird. Base tier gets the silver dragon, second tier gets the silver and blue, and so on. to get the green you have to go in at the second to highest tier, and they're only making 12 of the white (platinum?), 2 of which are going into a vault, so you have to spend that highest tier to get it....

really cool, but as much as I love pins I think this is for people with deeper pockets than I


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