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Blacklist Miniatures: Fantasy Series 1


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I'm Adam Sadler, senior game designer at Blacklist Games, and I love miniatures. They are what got my brother Brady and me into the hobby back when we were teenagers. Whether we’re using them in roleplaying games, board games, or tabletop miniatures games, we love collecting, assembling, painting, and playing with them. While Blacklist Games has published several of our games that feature miniatures, they saw our passion could be used for the creation of a new division that would focus solely on miniatures and allow for company growth in parallel with creating great board games. With everyone at the company excited about the possibility of this new division, here we are to share it with you!

Blacklist Miniatures will focus entirely on producing high quality, highly detailed, pre-assembled plastic miniatures to be used in any type of game. Blacklist Miniatures: Fantasy Series 1, our first miniatures line, is not only a celebration of our love for miniatures, but also of all things fantasy.

With your support, this campaign will not only bring this project to life, but also open the door to other lines of miniatures in various genres and even new games to utilize them! 

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So many basic monsters that you can already pick up as Bones. 


There's 3 sculpts in that heap that I find interesting:

Female Halfling Bard

Female Dwarf Druid,

Female Half-Elf Wizard, 


And the wizard is only a maybe. 


They're wasting a ton of money on making that dragon a KS exclusive because the molds for it will be expensive. 

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I would be interested in the adventurers, but I already have lots of basic foes like goblins and skellies.  I want to know what the final product will look like, before I jump on this one. 

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2 hours ago, Citrine said:

I would be interested in the adventurers, but I already have lots of basic foes like goblins and skellies.  I want like to know what the final product will look like, before I jump on this one. 

My sentiments exactly. A heroes only pledge would have me backing immediately. 

I love the pose on that half elf wizard. I also really dig that half orc ranger. 

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Really cool to see more showing up in the "cheap minis" department. While it isn't something I'm interested in anymore, it is a great way to start out, and their selection shows that. Imps, oozes, and worms are a little more "out there", but with the rest of the creatures in those "5 each" sets, you'll be hard pressed to not find in a "starter campaign" for a standard fantasy TTRPG like D&D. Throwing the dragon in there is also a great touch as the cliche "end of the module" encounter.



I can easily see someone getting into D&D picking this up as they start DMing the first campaign, not caring much about the quality as they slap on some Apple Barrel paints they have laying around, and being stoked to surprise the players as they pull them out.


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3 hours ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

I love the female elf monk miniature. Shame I can't get just that mini.


Yes, I like her and the half elf wizard.  Those are the sort of figures I'd buy spontaneously at the FLGS if they were on the wall of blister packs.  The rest aren't bad, but I have a tub of Bones for random male adventurers and encounters.  As a starter set for a new DM, it looks very nice. 



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Hey guys! Thanks for checking out the campaign! We've got lots of cool new stretch goals added to the pledge, so right now you're getting 87 minis (and counting) for $65! That's a lot of bang for your buck, considering that means each mini is less than a $1!

Have you seen some of these? I know a lot of you probably don't have a sweet Innkeeper mini for your campaigns! There's a whole set of werewolves and bandits too... and a vampire lord among others. We've also got a Lich Lord coming soon, and a BIG reveal at $100k! 

Got any questions? Ask me anything!


sg apr20.jpg


Oh and if anyone wants an idea of the quality of the minis, our game Altar Quest (which is also available this campaign; 211 minis for $109 and a full game inside too haha) has minis from the same team and you can see what the proofs look like here: 



Here are a couple of photos from the link:





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I think these are the right numbers... :upside:


Adventure Tier has more content since the KS started.

* Dragon : $10. Based on Reaper dragon add-on cost of $10.

* Demon: $10. Sorta based on Reaper demon add-on cost of $10 or $15.

* AQ Lurker miniatures (12) and deck: $15

* Shipping : -$15

* SG mini's: 22 + dragon + demon


Roughly (70 - 12 + 22 = 80) miniatures for ($65 - $10 - $10 -$15 + $15 - = $45). So far, this means 80 miniatures for $45.

150 miniatures for $100 is a pretty good price point, which is about that of previous Reaper Bones and Zombicide, iirc.

Assuming you want the demon and dragon, and value them at $10 each, the KS has a good price point.


The AQ Quest Tier Pledge is 211 minis for $109, which includes the scenery and, of course, game. No dragon, but better price if you don't already have the game.


BTW, If you play Gloomhaven and want proxy miniatures, the AQ pledge has five each of a melee, ranged, and shaman type for several races. This mix is hard to find and only the Massive Darkness KS has a similar assortment of miniatures. However, ideally, you would want six of each for Gloomhaven, particularly the random dungeons, although (spoiler) I haven't found many scenarios that needed six of one type of miniature. AQ SG's also include traps, which I've found hard to find at a good price in multiples, as well as doors (as if you don't already have plenty). The Fantasy Series I KS, though, doesn't have enough of each type of miniature for a race to use in GH.


However, I'm looking over the AQ SG's, and, if you've already pledged for the game, I dunno if you really need the Lurker expansion from this KS. The SG's in AQ already add *twelve* lurkers.

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