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Blacklist Miniatures: Fantasy Series 1

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That's some really nice paint jobs, @MoebiusStrip! 😄


@ksbsnowowl Yeah, I still haven't gotten around to painting any more of them, as I've been quite busy. But I'm super happy with them! There are a couple larger ones that has a bit too obvious gaps where parts have been glued together, but I think that's the only negative thing I have to say about these minis. 😄


I'll also say that I do love soft plastic minis: One of the painted mummies had fallen on the floor, and I managed to step on it with all my weight! It was lying quite flat, in parallel with its base, hard bent at the ankles, but I bent it back. I placed it back with the others, figuring I'd take a look at the damage later. But now I can't see which one I stepped on, because I can't see the damage anywhere. And none of them bends more easily than the rest. 

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2 hours ago, Marc said:

I was going to ask about that, since everything I’ve seen about these minis has pretty clearly said they were a hard plastic …

Same, I’m expecting more rigid figures. 

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When i think of the early bones, it was lacking detail.  Some of the D&D models out there are soft and have indistinguishable features, which drives me nuts.  I love having a huge selection to choose and paint, but like good detail. That and having mold lines that aren't impossible to clean or trim. Bones 4 and bones black i think did a solid job.  Soft, but not overly so.  These Fantasy minis look sub Bones quality,  but @MoebiusStripdid a great paint job for these, so it's hard to judge. 

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10 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

Is this complete or are people still waiting?


Everything has been shipped, but due to the global shipping crisis a lot of people are still waiting for theirs to arrive.

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New update from Blacklist!


UK: The final two containers are now on board ships.

US/CAN/ROW: Two more containers are now on board ships, which means 7/10 containers are on their way to their destination.


QML will start fulfillment as soon as they receive the containers.



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For transluscents, you can try Tamiya Clear paints, followed by a wash. Wash only the front first -- washing both sides may result in your seeing the back side through the front!


How did you do the oozes? The same way as the other transluscents? They look more 3D, yet still have their transluscent quality!


> That and having mold lines that aren't impossible to clean or trim


Might want to wait on the reviews, then. I have the Altar Quest miniatures, and can also say that if you're fine with Reaper Bones and CMON (including mold lines), you're good with BLG. I don't like the mold lines either (especially when pre-assembled), but their audience are primarily boardgamers. I find Archon's more GW/resin-like plastic (?) easier to remove the mold lines, although I haven't done much non-terrain miniature painting (eg. humans) with their plastic yet. I expect FS1 to be $125 for 200 mini's in the future and FS2 priced similarly. Not as good as the original KS, but still a good price for bulk gaming miniatures that you may or may not intend to paint. I'm okay with Bones white, so I'm hesistant to recommend boardgame plastics, like BLG and CMON if you're not. If you want a higher quality miniature, you're going to spend more time painting it. So might as well buy fewer more expensive mini's, than buy bulk plastic of which you won't paint most of them and end up paying as much for.




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