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Blacklist Miniatures: Fantasy Series 1


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Posted: September 6, 2022

Thank you for your patience during our discussion with Blacklist about the best solution for the Fantasy Series 1 fulfillment. We’re happy to say that we’ve worked out a solution that will allow backers to pay Quartermaster Logistics directly through PledgeManager to have your pledge shipped to you. We feel that this solution will serve all parties the best to get as many pledges as possible into backers hands. We’re still working out the final details on how exactly this process will work, so we ask that you hold your questions until then. We’ll be posting those details here and on our social media platforms when they’ve been finished. Thanks again!

– Quartermaster Logistics Management Team

Sounds like there may be some movement?


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FS1: $65 for 201 miniatures. Increased to $125 as an add-on later. 

FS2: $75 for 218 miniatures. 


Also, Altar Quest was $109 for 211 miniatures during FS1.


IIRC, to California, the shipping for FS1 was $24 for one core, and $27 for two. 

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