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Blacklist Miniatures: Fantasy Series 1


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I love how pragmatic this Kickstarter is.


It's like "We're going to give you every basic creature/PC that you need to DM your games, right out of the box, standard equipped for the most popular systems, and we're going to give you lots of them."


I can use every single thing in this Kickstarter, and I love that I don't have to pay for 1/3 weird stuff that I won't use to get the 2/3 stuff that I need. 

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> Location:Norway


Good to hear you'e arranged a retail pledge! I understand international shipping, VAT, custom fees, etc. can add unwanted costs to a KS project. I've seen retailer pledges on other KS, and if you don't see one, ask the creator.


Looks like, once we hit the mummies, we have every hero and monster (and doors) in HeroQuest? ::): I don't think we have all the terrain, though. Reaper has a Bones torture rack, so may have other terrain pieces missing. The Altar Quest add-on already includes doors and terrain features, and has races which have the different units needed for Gloomhaven (melee, ranged, spellcaster).


EDIT: Mummies unlocked!



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1 hour ago, ced1106 said:

> Location:Norway


Good to hear you'e arranged a retail pledge! I understand international shipping, VAT, custom fees, etc. can add unwanted costs to a KS project. I've seen retailer pledges on other KS, and if you don't see one, ask the creator.


Yeah, I think my FLGS is taking in about two dozen of the sets, and the price will probably be equal to what the cost would be for me alone after shipping and import fees. And I'm supporting my FLGS at the same time. :)


The owner of that store(Grimfield Games) is amazing, and always checking for board game kickstarters that people want. It's also where I get most of my non KS Reaper minis from. ;)

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BL's fulfillment problems came up in the comments and other forums, so I thought I'd repost what I found out.


They've had problems with fulfillment, but are switching to Quarterman Logicistics. QL is Cool Stuff Inc's distribution arm. CSI is one of the larger online game stores.


If you're familiar with BGG, QL has testimonials from The Dice Tower and Tasty Minstrel Games.


Frank Gerken in the comments : "Their first KS for that Martial Arts was canceled because it did not fund, so of course it cannot be fullfilled. The 1st Street Masters is fullfilled, and the Brook City is also fullfilled without Brazil. The problem with Brook City is, that their goods got stolen in Brazil, and they are currently reprinting the needed stuff to fullfill that. Street Masters Aftershock has big problems with their fullfillment company BlackBox. BlackBox also screwed up other Kickstarters the last months. That is the reason that all future KS from Blacklist will not use BlackBox again. Altar Quest and Hour of Need are still in production, with Altar Quest being in printing process currently. They showed of all the proofs for AQ in a YouTube Video.




Pretty obviously, you'd rather have a creator a track record with no mistakes. For myself, $65 plus shipping is within my risk, but may not be so for others. I would say the Reaper Bones V KS is less risky.


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Cheers for that write up! I was not aware of this stuff. :)


So in short:

  • One of their kickstarters was fulfilled, but the Brazil shipment for that got stolen and they're fixing that.
  • Another KS they had has fulfillment problems because of a company that has screwed up several kickstarters' fulfillment, and they're never using them again. They've switched to a company that is trustworthy.
  • Every other successful KS has been fulfilled or is in production as expected.

Taking a look at each of their Kickstarters' latest updates, and doing some googling to check whether people had gotten stuff or not, this is the current status of their KS projects:

  • Martial Arts The Card Game 2 - Not funded
  • Street Masters Rise of the Kingdom - Fulfilled
  • Brook City - Mostly fulfilled (Brazil and Incomplete Pledge Managers remaining)
  • Street Masters Aftershock - Mostly fulfilled (Asia + 7% of rest of the world pledges remaining as of yesterday, and Asia was delayed due to Covid-19)
  • Altar Quest - In production
  • Hour of Need - In production

I really don't have any problems trusting Blacklist Games, personally. They seem to be doing all the can to fix what problems have arisen due to problems with their affiliates. If anything, I'm slightly untrusting towards BlackBox - But Blacklist Games won't be using them for this KS, nor any future ones. :)

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Not sure, but a company that had 5 funded projects ... and only one is completely fulfilled, two "mostly" (take a look at how delayed at least one was) and two in production ... I'm in with a dollar, thinking of getting those minis in the pledge manager, but that - no matter who's to blame (you might want to read the comment sections of the projects, too) - is a light red flag.

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