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So awhile back Uncle Adam on the YouTube mentioned something about making a Halloween themed killteam scenario. It seemed like a pretty good idea and after a lot of thought I decided to give it a try. How hard could it be to make a custom scenario for the spooky season? Having seen quite a few interesting wave based custom scenarios I knew that was the way I wanted to go. I also knew I wanted to use the undead (zombies and skeletons). 


So the first problem is that I don't have enough zombies and skeletons for a wave based scenario. Not exactly wanting to break the bank for what will probably be a one off game I started looking for some cheap zombies. Turns out I didn't have to look hard or for very long. Zombies!!! Glowing Bag O' Zombies was just the ticket with 100 zombies (in four sculpts) for about $12 all in.


Now they're a little on the small size, but again this is a one off game. Besides painting a hundred figures for a one off game I don't think my buddies will have too much to say. Armed with this bag and the few undead I already have I think I'll have enough enemies to go around. Or maybe I need another bag?


I started out the night with two different sculpts with the simple intention of figuring out color schemes. First up was either a construction worker or a hunter, and honestly even after painting it I'm still not sure. As I blocked out the colors I was better able to see the figure's details, though I still don't know if it's a construction worker or a hunter. Would you call that a construnter?


I hit everything minus the skin and gore when I had an idea. I just might be able to put that grey primer to work. With just a red wash I might be able to completely skip painting the skin and gore.


I wouldn't exactly call it a success, but it's not terrible. This guy will probably squeak by as is but it looks like I'll be painting skin afterall. 


Next up was a fellow carrying a severed leg. On this one I painted a skin tone but used just a wash again for the gore. 


I think it looks better, but I'm still on the fence. 


Though neither figure is finished I can't believe how quickly they painted up. Knowing that a batch paint was the next step I attached all the construction/hunters (construnters) to craft sticks. 20200414_213518.thumb.jpg.c690c132ff4262e9688b153ea1ebc85b.jpg


Then seeing how much paint was leftover on my palette from this and a previous project I went ahead and basecoated all the pants. 


I did not expect to do so much in just one night, but then again we all know I won't keep this pace.

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There is either a large construction project or a big hunting party going on here.

I think that mini can be both depending on the colours you use.

The yellow ( or orange) will scream construction worker) give him a blue or red cap and a camo vest and we have a hunter.

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At @Glitterwolf's suggestion I decided to split the ambiguous models into hunters and construction workers. I've got to admit they look great as both with neither scheme outshining the other. 


Up first are the hunters. They recieved their camouflage vests (and pants in some cases), boots, and their orange safety gear. 20200415_231100.thumb.jpg.7ea8d27f94060e5894d752f0e49c6314.jpg


The construction workers got a little less attention tonight, but they also recieved their vests, hats, and boots. 


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Painted for way longer than I planned to tonight. Of course that means I finished the last couple shirts, skin tones, bones, gloves, the gore, and the overall wash in just one session. Not too shabby for one night. All that's really left is a wash of the gore and doing something with their bases.


Instead of showing off everything and losing all the detail I figured a single stick would be better. Apparently they're all wearing gloves, yet another detail I missed until I started painting them. 


The one on the left is basically what the finished result will look like, minus the fact that he has no skintone. Like the first figure this one is the second step in the evolution of figuring out the models and an easy way to paint them. Not sure if I'm going to retouch my two test models or keep them as is so I can show off the project's progress in the future.  

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First batch of zombies are done. All the gore recieved a wash and I finished the bases too.20200418_013237.thumb.jpg.4548ac037b1b26c9cbc6f4cd6a2757ec.jpg

And here is a more detailed picture of some hunters and construction workers.


I ended up going very simple on the bases. With just a basecoat of grey, a few yellow lines, and a wash they make for a passable street. If this was any other project I may have tried harder, but again they're just figures for a one off game, so I think it's good enough. 


I also went ahead and attached the next set to craft sticks. 



Now for the real question, will the weather cooperate so I can prime the rest of the figures? I never expected this project to go so fast and as such I only primed two of the four sculpts. If the weather doesn't break soon I may find myself out of figures to paint (at least for this particular project).

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Weather semicooperated today and I was finally able to prime the other two sculpts,amongst other things.


I mean if you're going to prime why not truly prime? Though they're not very noticable in the sea of plastic, the other two sculpts for this project are in there... somewhere. Funny enough I still have a second wave to prime. I simply ran out of priming boards, so on the next nice day I'll be priming all over again. 


As for progress on the current zombies they did recieve a bit of attention tonight. All the boxers/shorts and pants got their basecoats. This particular model even gave me a chance to try out a few new colors I'd been neglecting. 


With any luck I'll be able to finish this batch before Friday because I just know that new Xcom game is going to really eat into my hobby time. 

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I think it goes without saying, but I didn't hit my goal of finishing this batch before Chimera Squad released. I did however get them that much closer to finished though.20200424_012228.thumb.jpg.630096a8e48949a92b3313f33ee4d6e9.jpg

I managed to get the skin tones, the pant legs (on the severed legs), and the bones. So most of the colors have a basecoat now. Shoes, caps, sunglasses, and chains are all that remains before I start slinging the red gore around (easily the best part of painting a zombie).

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After four straight days of working on the house and property my wife and I decided today needed to be a "lazy Sunday". For myself I guess that meant extra painting time, as I caught myself at my desk multiple times throughout the day. That "extra" time certainly helped too.20200426_222523.thumb.jpg.451c227630c3019e87ca2da3dc5894f5.jpg

The second batch is now finished. Like the first batch they don't hold up to close scrutiny, but together they look passable. 


The next set was even attached to their craft sticks.


With any luck these will paint a lot faster. Since they're all wearing uniforms the only variation will be their skin tones and there isn't much flesh on these guys. Here's where all those Guardsmen batch paints pay off.

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So it looks like the third sculpt is the easiest. With it only needing seven colors and two washes, I spent more time waiting for things to dry than I did painting a test model.20200428_000035.thumb.jpg.f89ba6e76482776b030710ee6730b459.jpg20200428_000147.thumb.jpg.ae869ddba6f4740e7e15d2eb35e1d10d.jpg

Looks like the only color variance in this batch will be the skintone and the hair color. If I can avoid distractions (like a certain new game) this batch should be finished in just a couple sessions. 

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While I made progress tonight it wasn't as much as I had hoped. The wife surprised me yesterday with "new" outdoor furniture and tonight it was finally warm enough to sit outside. So instead of painting I returned to my redneck roots and sat on the porch. The furniture needed testing anyway.


The officers did get some paint however before the porch called to me.20200503_005906.thumb.jpg.ecd181b4018caf8843deab9f8da0c73d.jpg

It's not much hobby progress, but I can report the chairs are quite nice.

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