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Murder’s Mark, Pathfinder 1e Module


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Karl heartily agrees to renting a space for storytelling.  He quickly racks his brain for a good selection of stories to tell, taking into account the nationalities and history of the visitors that he has seen thus far. (Knowledge: History: 9+5=14 or Knowledge: Local 9+1=10 as applicable).  One he is brought to his space, he shucks his armored coat and sword belt, and puts on his good shirt embroidered with Linnorms.

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In a period of 2 hours you have attracted quite a crowd.  Villagers, visitors, and carnival staff alike are drawn to your epic storytelling.

Most of the carnival traffic ceases, all gathered around your small stage.  When the time comes to an end, you receive a standing ovation.

By the time the hat has been passed around to everyone, it returns to you with 2 GP (which is extraordinary in a backwater village like this).


The owner of the carnival approaches you when everything settles down.  She is a short, dignified Varisian woman with black hair.  She wears a scarf as a hat over her head, blue with white stars.  

"Greetings.  My workers tell me your name is Karl.  I am Almara Delisen, and this is my Carnival.  You have a great gift for storytelling.  Please, keep everything you have made here this afternoon, IF...you agree to come back tomorrow and do this again.  That is, if you have additional material...  Excellent work!  Now, I must be off, it is time to prepare for the main event in the Big Top."

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"It is a pleasure to meet such a generous woman as yourself Almara.  Thank you for allowing to preform my craft at your spectacular carnival.  I humbly accept your generous offer to perform tomorrow; in fact here is nothing that I would like more.  And I am looking forward to the main even myself."


Karl bows and waits for Almara to leave.  Then he gathers up his gear, belting his coat about him with his sword belt and ambles in the direction of the big top.

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He stood in the crowd, and listened to the storyteller for some time, waiting for the main event to begin, slender brow arching ever so slightly as he sees the woman approach, he had seen her in the crowd earlier, smiling at him when he earned his dart prize. Still, it was no matter to him who she was, or what she did, as long as it didn't involve his coin purse.

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As the evening approaches, barkers begin announcing the Big Top show.  The crowds line up.  You all make your way there, pay your 5 cp for admittance, and have a seat.  Hawkers sell snacks and drink.  Almara enters as the ring master, announcing various acts of acrobatics, high-wire work, clowns, singing, storytelling, poetry recitals, animals paraded around.  Finally, after about 90 minutes, as evening is approaching, magical dancing lights fill the Big Top.  Almara announces it is time for the star attraction, Jherizhana the Beautiful.  Almara describes her as the "ferocious performing sphinx only barely held under my magical control."  She issues the sphinx commands.  It frequently breaks free momentarily to mildly terrorize the audience before Almara once again regains control of the monster.  After another 10 minutes of this finale, she ushers the gynosphinx back out of the Big Top presumably to wherever it is housed after hours.  The performers come to take bows.  The audience is generally happy with the experience.



As you all file out of the Big Top, everyone make a Perception check.

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I will hand out the silvers I won in the game to lesser looking children in the crowd, 1 coin to each child & will make my way further into the carnival.


I see a crowd gathering & make my way over to see why. I catch most of the storyteller's tale & clap at the end in response to a well told tale.


Afterwards I make my way into the big top. Seeing the exotic creature & the way the ring master commands her, I'd like to make a Sense Motive check to see if her performance is true or a act (like most of the carnival).


SM: 12 + 5 (17 total)


Percp: 17 + 7 (20 total)


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You both get the impression that it is a well rehearsed, scripted performance.


As you exit the big top, everyone but Aronan perceive something wrong up ahead, from the direction of the zoo portion.  The mass of carnival attendees seems to be roiling up ahead.  Screaming starts.  You hear “dragon” and “run” and “help.”  From farther toward the zoo you hear “no, don’t hurt him!”


The crowd parts.  The monitor lizard is on the loose, terrorizing the crowd, looking for a meal.


Roll initiative.  Aronan will miss the “surprise round” due to the low Perception.  You’ve got about 60 feet to the lizard.  The mass of people has parted to a 20 foot wide avenue.

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