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Murder’s Mark, Pathfinder 1e Module


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Baby dragon squirms to try to break free.


Kendrin’s CMD 15+4(assists)=19

(the assists technically were using Aid Another, so should have rolled to attempt a combat maneuver check against CMD 10, but it didn’t matter).


It does not break free of the grapple!

Darkaya is up.  The lizard still has one more round of demoralized.


You could try to tie it up.

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With 3 people on top of it, I’m considering it immobilized.  You can tie it up.  DC for it to get out is 20+CMB.  No check required.

It wriggles and strains and hisses for a minute, but is unable to escape by the time it’s handler arrives.  (Escape Artist 17+2=19 vs DC 22).  They put a noose-pole around its neck and lead it back to its cage.

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"I go by Kendrin Alfyr. Well met Karl Ritvason. You are very good with a tale. I must say, it has been some time since I have heard one spun so well" The elf said as he dusted himself off, keeping an eye on the lizard, ready to jump on it again should it struggle free

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A few moments later, a rotund human man trots up panting and flushed.  “Thank you, Thank you!  Phardaen has told me how you helped us.  I’m Berthold Flavion, the master of beasts.  I am doubly in your debt for not only protecting our guests, but also for controlling our lizard without wounding it.  Please, speak with Phardaen.  But first, accept this as a token of our thanks!”  He hands Kendrin a pouch with 50 gold pieces in it.


He points out a somber looking creature sobbing on a low bench nearby, hugging his knees.



As you approach, the panotti raises his head.  He turns his head so his massive ears fall back behind each shoulder.  He sniffles a little.  “Hel...Hello.  You’re so brave!  Thank you for helping with our baby dragon.  I just froze, I’m not brave like you.”  He pauses.

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“Oh, but this must have been my fault, but I couldn’t fix it.  You are the brave ones who fixed my mistake.  One minute I’m sitting there watching the dragon, the next I’m getting paid a whole gold piece to wow the crowd with my acrobatic ability.  Next thing I know, the dragon is loose.  And I’m too scared to try to put him back in his cage!”  He starts sobbing again.

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"oh? I didn't know you where an acrobat, I used to be quite good at that sort of thing myself....how interesting.... And while you did your little show, somehow the dragon got out of it's cage?" He said, before looking to the others to see if they find that little bit of information as suspicious as he does. 

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