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Murder’s Mark, Pathfinder 1e Module


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"Wouldn't be the first time that I've seen a performance sabotaged."  Karl gets a far away look in he eyes as if remembering something.


"Still, none were hurt and things are back on track.  I wouldn't worry about it, other than to just keep a closer eye than normal on things in case someone is out to cause trouble.  You might want to let your boss know about the person who paid you the gold.  Just so that if this wasn't an accident, she can pass the word to be on the look out for more trouble.  In fact if you tell us about who payed you, perhaps we can help keep a look out as well."  he looks around for confirmation from the others.


Karl continues to try and calm down the panotti. Diplomacy (13+7)=20

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“It was a tall human with a big red fluffy beard!”  After relaying that I do to the rest of the crew, no one remembers seeing anyone of that description.  They make sure to pass off the info to the boss.


He appreciates your soothing words and calm demeanor.  He is quite consoled.

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On 5/9/2020 at 7:10 PM, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

Karl stand up and dusts himself and his coat off.  He checks it for any signs of major damage and then puts it on.


"Well, that was invigorating!  Well met, I am Karl Ritvason, and I would be proud to call such brave souls as yourselves as friends."


"I am Darkaya Zirvem, a servant to the gods of protection & battle. I apologize for the random touch on the shoulder but seeing you doff your jacket, I figured you needed the extra protection."


On 5/9/2020 at 11:59 PM, Darcstaar said:

As you approach, the panotti raises his head.  He turns his head so his massive ears fall back behind each shoulder.  He sniffles a little.  “Hel...Hello.  You’re so brave!  Thank you for helping with our baby dragon.  I just froze, I’m not brave like you.”  He pauses.


"Think nothing of it, the incident happened in the past. The creature is contained & unharmed. Just watch it a bit better next time." She smiles afterwards.


9 hours ago, ShadowRaven said:

"we should find someplace private. I would see each of you get's your equal share of our reward, but for reasons I am sure you can understand, do not wish to hand out such coin where others might see" 


2 hours ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

"Well, we can just head over here behind that tent."


"I agree, who knows who might be watching with ill intent."

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You make your way to Two Water Tavern.  It’s busy and popular with locals and visitors alike.  The proprietress Noria Arephion is gentle Human woman and has a welcoming smile.  A few burly regulars seem like they are also bouncers and bodyguards.  She only has one room left, so you all have to pile in.  She has two beds, and arranges for two mattresses to be put on the floor.  For the room and dinner and breakfast she charges 3 GP for the four of you.

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Karl secures his belongings in the room and makes himself presentable for dining.  after chatting with his new found friends, he suggests that they all go down and avail themselves of the dinner and try and find out more about what has been going on in town and at the carnival.


"For if there is one thing that flows more freely than ale at a tavern, it's rumors."

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You hear a few rumors.


1. Watch your back, friends. Varisians would just as soon gut you in a back alley for sport as smile to your face while picking your pockets.


2. The Town council is going to appoint a new member soon.


3. Sczarni dread lords are interested in our city.


4.  If you are looking for a good time, I can score you some Shiver.


5.  Our Sheriff is one of those half-angels.


6. There have been pirates harassing the river barges.


7. All Varisians are vampire spawn, owing to their taint being mixed up with the Whispering Tyrant.


8.  When the carnival was here last was 2 years ago.  They were much smaller then.

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The next morning, as you eat breakfast, you overhear  a few locals gossiping about a murder.  A few moments later, a frantic carnival crew member comes through the inn’s front door, panting and sweaty as if he ran the whole distance.  When he sees you, he smooths himself over and takes a deep breath to regain his composure.  In a thick Varisian accent he says “pardon milords and lady.  My mistress Almara formally requests your presence at her private wagon this morning for an urgent job opportunity.”  He waits around for your answer, hoping to lead you back there personally.

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