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Okay people, we have a pandemic on our hands, we're all affected by it in some way.

I hereby put out a challenge to all of you:


Paint a mini, build a diorama, print a 3D print, draw something, whatever you feel like that has to do with either the current pandemic or an earlier plague/disaster.

You could go realistic or fantasy/scifi/ pulp style.


Make it a tribute to those who fight the virus or show the horrors of a plague in a medieval setting.

It's up to you



  • Medical Staff
  • Empty street diorama
  • People in hazmat suits
  • Police/firefighters
  • People in lockdown
  • Hoarders/looters
  • Plague victims
  • Plague doctors


No rewards here, just for the sake of creativity.


If you can't paint right now but have a suitable piece to show you did earlier, post it.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, let's try to at least fight the loniless and fear by being creative with it.


Post as many stuff as you like.

No rules only that it has to has something to do with a pandemic/plague/ disaster from your point of view.

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I painted this one a few years ago, took new pics for this thread.

Since I'm still arranging my new hobby room it will be a while before I paint new stuff.

But here she is.


Freebooter Miniatures - Sister of Mercy.

I painted her uniform in the colours of the uniform my girl wears ( homecare) and I also gave the mini the same hair colour as my girl.








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