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Souls for Smuggler’s Shiv, Pathfinder 1e


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"I don't know... do you play music?  I do and I got invited to the crew mess to play when we first left magnimar.  After seeing the instrument though, the captain felt that such a magnificent fiddle would be safer in the ship safe.  But I didn't get invited to join them again." And after trying to poke at his food again "the chef is worse today than ever before."

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A black furred catfolk wanders into the dining hall with a sick look to his face, holding his stomach. He sits down.


"Why did I ever agree to this?!?"


He mutters as he tries to eat his meal. The catfolk got on the ship in a port in the Mwange Expanse, only cause he had too, see it was either leave town or get tossed into a run down, grimy cell. Somehow a woman's ruby pendent ended up in his pocket! He must have been asleep when someone stashed it in there. Yah, that's it! At least that's what he told the local authorities. They gave him a ultimatum, leave or get tossed into that cell. No way, no how, was he staying there, it was dirty & grungy! He'd be picked nasties out of his fur for weeks! So it was use what coin he had for the first ship out of town that day, & this was it.


"My apologies, m'lords & m'ladies." he says


"Scraps, at your service." He gives a wave with his hand.








(18, no mods, but Scraps doesn't like sea travelling, so I'm gonna knock it down to a 9)

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Saving Throw Summary...
Arune 22
Lorak 19
Scraps 18

Jandir 8

Sabine 3


Vague images of violent tossing.  Crash.  Drowning.  Squeezing.  Then deep black darkness.


Nightmares of sinking.  Then, weak light.  Sand in your mouth.  Pressure on your legs.  Cold wetness.


Then, Arune awakens with a sharp pain in his foot.  You turn to see a dog-sized monstrosity: seemingly half lobster, half scorpion, which seems to have just taken a cautious pinch of your foot to test if you were alive.


Roll initiative (just Arune for now).



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The sea scorpions get a 21.


The one on Arune attacks with both claws. The first is a 2+4.  A miss.  The second is an 18+4. Due to prone and flat footed, that hits.  It does 1 point of damage.

You are groggy, disoriented and nauseous.

(When everyone wakes they have the Sickened condition).



You are all wearing your armor if applicable.  Your other Weapons and gear are in a pile 10 feet up the shore.  If you have small backup weapons like daggers, you can still have those on your person.

There are a total of four sea scorpions.


Lorak is attacked next by a different sea scorpion.  Unconscious gives you a DEX of 0.  It rolls a 15+4 for prone.  That hits.  It’s still doing its cautionary nip, so just one attack.  It does 1 point of damage.  That wakes Lorak, so Roll initiative.


Scraps is attacked next.

6+4=10.  Enough to hit due to unconscious.  However it rolled 0 damage, so it didn’t wake you.


Finally Jandir is attacked.

19+4 is a hit, but a roll of 0 damage, so still unconscious.


Arune attack and Lorak roll initiative.

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'Ow that hurts you little swamp louse. Get off!' Waves of fire roll out from the grippli's hand catching everything in front of him 

Burning hands to the fellows in front of me. (3 damage)

OOC: current spells

Cantrips - light, detect magic, acid splash

First level - burning hands, magic missile

I'll have the rest of my spellbook on my sheet today

If I remember DCS correctly: 10+4+0=14  for half damage

Edited by Kangaroorex
Added description of spell
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