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Souls for Smuggler’s Shiv, Pathfinder 1e

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You don’t really pick up any new information.  It’s a 6 foot long venomous snake.  Jandir double moves.

Snake doesn’t get to act.  Arune is up.

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Sabine’s sling hits the ground right in front of it, and it ricochet’s into the snake, but the scaled skin seems to absorb the impact.


Scraps is up.

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I will rise up from behind the log & fire anther sling stone into it.


13 + 4 (17)


4+2 (6 pts of dmg)

Afterwards I will make my way to G13.

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A solid hit!

You really pissed it off now!

It’s looking pretty damaged.

Jandir is up.

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(five foot step to k-11. Natural 20 to hit, natural 1 to not confirm the crit,for 13 dmg)
Jandir lunges a step forward and brings his axe swinging for the snakes head. 

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Jandir confidently steps up. “I’ve got this, been dealing with snakes in the wild for years!”  He chops off the snakes head expertly.  

You know enough about them that you can skin it, prepare the skin and take the meat for food (taking 10 on survival).  You also know to bury the head so some hapless creature doesn’t accidentally step on it.


We’ll say this is enough meat for 4 people worth of rations. (Weighs about 4 lbs).


No loot or eggs in the lair.

Out of curiosity , how do you get 13 dmg if your axe is 1d8+4 and you didn’t confirm the crit?

If you all were moving stealthy (half speed) finding that lair took just under an hour.  It’s 9am.  Do you keep heading West?

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      Using the Pathfinder Rules from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook
      Sixth Printing, 2013 and copyright 2009 and on
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