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Souls for Smuggler’s Shiv, Pathfinder 1e


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Looking west, you see another shipwreck (?) along the cliffy shoreline.  Looking out further you guess you headed west which was the narrow “Shiv” of Smuggler’s Shiv.  A mile or two past that is a weird sub-island (??) that has a muted gray color as opposed to the vibrant green of the main island.  You think it is too far to swim from here, but might be do-able to approach it from the south.


Scanning South you see the island has a sort of central bay.  The elevation you are at and tree lines prevent you from really seeing more than this for now.

You don’t identify any dwellings or camps from this vantage point.

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Arune grumbles about having 2 choices and choosing the wrong one every time!

"We should head back to camp with our trophies and try the other direction in the morning.  I am sure the camp will be happy to see some new rations and that we survived the day"

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"I agree about the other shipwreck, it might be worth the trip to it, but lets return. I'm a bit worried about Aerys. She appears to be under the influence of the bottle & who knows what she might do to get more, if none is available."

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You decide it might be a good idea to go back along the southern cliffs, to see if there is any difference in flora.  (OOC The computer gamer in me wanting to flesh out the map I suppose).  You make it back to camp at around 6.  No interesting discoveries on the way back.  Since you have trailblazed west, both north and south cliffs, I would say you’d move a little faster next time if you want to go back to the next shipwreck.  You can, of course, ignore it.


Aerys seems to be OK for now.  Seeing you return, Jask creates some new water so it will be cooler.  Sasha seems intrigued by the Dimorphodons.  Due to her current state, all she manages is a feeble “hey.  What are those?”

You manage to cook the food nicely.  The parties are appreciative.  After eating, Gelik tells some stories.  He does a five minute comedy routine.  He digs at Aerys a little, but she seems to take it OK.  You get the sense he could be a prick with his jokes if he doesn’t like you.  He looks at your party and asks “well, what did you find?  Any leads on getting us out of here?”


Its about 8 now, time to set up watches.


You can do additional dialogue with any of the NPCs or each other from 6 on.  Jask takes that time to ask you all if you are wounded, and burns some fragrant wood around the campsite to “try to ward off the mosquitoes.  If we get a fever, we’ll have a hard time out here.”

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Sasha asks about the dinosaur, how it flew, how it acted near the nest, what it was eating, how it behaved in combat.  She seems to think to herself for a while.


No random encounters overnight.


Make diplomacy checks for whomever is going to try to shift the NPCs for the next day.

Also, everyone give me a %ile roll.



Jandir has a strange nightmare: While in his reverie, his subconscious unlocks:

You're back aboard the Jenivere, bent over the railing seasick.  After your latest bout of retching, you slump back and see the rest of the crew and passengers are on deck also.  all of them sick except the captain and the quiet Varisian scholar Ieana.  She whispers in the captain's ear, then gives him a kiss on the cheek.  At that point, the captain holds up a wooden soup spoon, and you realize you're holding one as well.  Everyone is!  The ship is sinking, and the only thing you have to bail water are the spoons.  You frantically try to save the ship by bailing water with spoons, but the waves just keep crashing onboard.  As the ship goes down and your consciousness darkens, you make out the giant pincers of large sea scorpions scrambling onto the deck.


You wake up in a cold sweat.

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NPC Percentile Rolls:
Aerys 93

Gelik 31

Ishirou 75

Jask 90

Sasha 13 (If it wasn't for Jask, Sasha would be diseased!).  This is still a successful warding off of disease.


Morale Rolls:

As Jask is tending to Sasha's fighting off disease, he casts another Remove Fear on her and tries to calm her down this morning.

The following rolls are with +2 for having Gelik as an entertainer, and Jask's +4 for Sasha.

It may be beneficial to assign more people to entertaining, including taking a "break" from adventuring for a day to have the PCs contribute to this.


Aerys: 13.  Still shaken.

Gelik: 12, still shaken

Ishirou: 13, normal (there is a beneficial step above "Normal.")

Jask: 25.  Hopeful. He seems lighter on his feet, smiling, humming, and trying to get his optimism to rub off on others.  Doesn't need to make checks for morale anymore unless something really bad happens.  Bonus to Diplomacy with Jask.

Sasha 14. Still frightened!


It's 8 AM.

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