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Souls for Smuggler’s Shiv, Pathfinder 1e


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That’s enough to finish off the goat.


Someone make a Survival check to make sure you can smoke preserve all the meat you’ve got to cook between the goat and crab, so you don’t waste any.  You can take 10.

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Sabine quickly field dresses the goat carcass and breaks it down in to chunks suitable for smoking.  She makes sure to set aside the offal to feed to the "baby bird".  While she works she suggests that someone fill in the rest of camp about the exploits of the day.  She shares out her remaining Good berries and casts a spell to create a new batch. 2d4= 4+3=7


Survival: 19+9=28

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Despite his general lack of storytelling skills or personal charisma Arune sits round the fire to tell the story of how he masterfully dispached the giant crab with the help of his companions (15+1 on performance, 16+1 on the bluff...) and how they went out to the point of the island and saw the seemingly dead and grey land off the southern coast.  He also tells the story of distracting the giant lizard bird with an image of his memory of fighting rocks and Sabine's amazing climb to get the small hatchling and how we all got away without hurting the nest or the adults.After sharing the tale, he settles in to create dinner for those who didn't get a good berry , and anyone else who wants some real food (19+3 on survival check for making the meal)

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Ichirou is still Indifferent.  

Sasha has moved from Friendly to Helpful due to the completion of her personal quest.

Everyone else is Friendly.



Aerys Shaken

Gelik Shaken

Ichirou Normal

Jask Hopeful

Sasha Frightened


Disease: none yet


Now that you have searched everything West, you will be moving more East.  It may be a good idea to look for a new camp farther East to cut down on travel time.  It might also be a good idea to devote a day purely to entertainment to try to bring up morale.  We’ll see how tomorrow’s checks go.

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Arune will sit with Ichirou and attempt to talk with him about his travels and where hes been. also try and see if he has any suggestions for the near future. (diplomacy check 18+1=19) 


as for plans:  unless it becomes critical, I would like to spend one more day exploring eastward to make sure there are no immediate threats just out of sight, maybe pushing a half day forward then coming back to the site and seeing what we can do to increase morale in the NPCs.  Once we establish a safe perimeter, I think everyone will feel a little more comfortable and safer which should also help with the moral.


my thoughts on the camp:  we are in a relatively protected spot.  we may not want to give up this site so quickly until we find a spot that is similarly secure or until we have ensured that we don't leave any threats behind us.  This may require the party to step out of the camp for a day or two between treks but the NPCs are not going to be happy with us if we lead them into danger.

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I agree.  Last thing we need/want is to leave dangers on our back trail that might follow and surprise us. I'd like to make sure everything is relatively clear before we move camp, unless we find something that will make for a better place from both a shelter and defense standpoint, I'd not be in too great a hurry to move. 


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I'm going to offer Aerys a drink from the bottle & tell her the events of the day & he apologizes for not finding the berries. "We plan on moving eastward with the entire camp, as the western part has been explored. Hopefully the next few days we can find those berries & other items that will help all of us get through this!"


Dip: 14 + 1 Tt: 15




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Sorry for delays.

Attitudes:  Ichirou is now Friendly.  He can serve as a Defender or Guard.

No more checks for morale are needed for anyone unless a disaster hits.


+2 for Gelik’s entertaining.  Gonna give another +2 for “crossing off” west and allowing efforts to crystallize in one direction.

Aerys: 10-1(Will Save)+1(bravery)-2(shaken)+4=12. Fail.  Still Shaken.

Gelik: 11+2 Will -2 Shaken, +4=15. success.  Now Normal.

Ichirou: 10+4-1 = 13.  Still Normal.

Jask: Hopeful, no check.

Sasha: Frightened.  Jask casts Remove Fear on her again. 18-2-1+4+4=23.  Improves to Shaken.

I need everyone to roll %le check for disease.



Aerys 89.  No disease.

Gelik: 90  No disease.

Ichirou: 82. No disease.

Jask. 90.  No disease

Sasha. 79.  No disease.



You follow the coast East for 3 hours, about 1.5 miles.  You spot an exposed rock that has a shipwreck leaning on it. (D2).  You also spot another Dimporphodon Nest.  Make Survival and Stealth checks for me.


It is about 10 AM now.

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