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Souls for Smuggler’s Shiv, Pathfinder 1e

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Survival-Disease:  53%


Survival: 18+2 = 20

Stealth: 12+7 = 19


I say we check out that Dimporphodon nest but keep that shipwreck in mind. Roughly, how far out is that rock outcropping?

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Jandir catches a disease.

Mind Fire.





The bushes are heavy undergrowth.

The nest is on the tallest of a spiral of rocks that can be climbed with a DC 5 climb check.  I tried to draw a side view, but it’s confusing.

To the west is a creek bed spilling to a small beach you can use to try to swim to the shipwreck.


The nest contains a single adult male Dimorphodon who notices the noisier members of the party and postures to attack.  Position yourselves along the trail at W or X 5-12.  Sorry, didn’t include those high letters.


As the encounter is starting, you are hit with the start of heavy rain and wind. -4 Perception, -4 ranged attacks.


This area is dominated by a massive Mahogany tree with a 10 ft diameter trunk, and large roots.  The area around it counts as difficult terrain.  The tree is probably 30-40 ft tall.


Roll initiative.

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Initi: 24! (19+4)


I'll start at W9


(Is the entire party here (npcs)?)

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Jandir doesn’t need to make his first save until tomorrow.  We’ll keep that roll though.

Initiative order:








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Am I still hidden from the bird?


Either way, I'm going to sneak my way up to R9. I will have my rapier out in case I need it. (Stealth: 11 +7: 18 total)

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