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Souls for Smuggler’s Shiv, Pathfinder 1e

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disease check 81


stealth: 19+10=29 (I am the ghost that walks!)


Shipwrecks have provided good eats so far...

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Survival-Disease:  53%


Survival: 18+2 = 20

Stealth: 12+7 = 19


I say we check out that Dimporphodon nest but keep that shipwreck in mind. Roughly, how far out is that rock outcropping?

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Jandir catches a disease.

Mind Fire.





The bushes are heavy undergrowth.

The nest is on the tallest of a spiral of rocks that can be climbed with a DC 5 climb check.  I tried to draw a side view, but it’s confusing.

To the west is a creek bed spilling to a small beach you can use to try to swim to the shipwreck.


The nest contains a single adult male Dimorphodon who notices the noisier members of the party and postures to attack.  Position yourselves along the trail at W or X 5-12.  Sorry, didn’t include those high letters.


As the encounter is starting, you are hit with the start of heavy rain and wind. -4 Perception, -4 ranged attacks.


This area is dominated by a massive Mahogany tree with a 10 ft diameter trunk, and large roots.  The area around it counts as difficult terrain.  The tree is probably 30-40 ft tall.


Roll initiative.

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Initi: 24! (19+4)


I'll start at W9


(Is the entire party here (npcs)?)

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    • By Darcstaar
      Brought some painting models for vacation.  Finished the Hell Hound last night, didn’t WIP it.
      Had Yephima on my shelf of shame for a long time.  If it ends up 1/100 as good as the studio version I’ll be happy.  Plan on light blue skin and silvery hair, like the Bestiaries suggest.  Other than that, not sure...

      Here she is primed with Brown Liner.  That’s gonna take some work to get the skin tones brighter.
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      Gonna start another WIP.
      This figure is bent, her hair is weird, and her features are MICROSCOPIC!
      So, I’m gonna kind of rush her.

      Trimmed, washed, primed in brown liner.  No attempt to straighten her bend.  The sword forms an S shape.
      Face was Terran Khaki, Faded Khaki, Amber Gold, then Splintered Bone mixed in.  Then I did a half-assed lining and shading with a dilute mix of Dragon Black/Ruddy Flesh.  Eyes were then done with Splintered Bone/Dragon White, and a Dragon Black/trace Ruddy Flesh dot.
      Had some nearly dry ?Red on the palette I slapped on her lower lip, then glinted it with the lightest mixed skin tone.
      The hair seems like it’s supposed to be actively blown by wind.  It was painted Dragon Black, Cloudy Grey, and Cloudy Grey/Dragon White.  I then Re shaded and altered things with black again.  Honestly, her head could be Kitsune or Cosplay Cat ears, or a crown.  But there is hair texture, so I painted it like black hair. 
      Planning for blue dragon head since I’m due to paint another 1/5 of my Kobolds, and blue is in line.
      Plan on a red/orange cloak for contrast with the dragon.

      Earth Brown leggings.  Woodstain Brown boot leather, belt, gauntlets.
    • By Darcstaar
      Hi people.
      Im going to start another PBP.  So far I have interest from @ShadowRaven, @dwarvenranger, @Dilvish the Deliverer, and @Kangaroorex.
      We’re going to start the Serpent’s Skull adventure path.  Pathfinder 1e.
      All books are in play, but I reserve the right to veto something if it seems too gross/bloated.
      Please utilize the Serpent’s Skull Players Guide from the Paizo website.
      Abilities: 4d6, reroll all 1’s, drop lowest score, yielding ranges from 2-18 pre mods.
      Avg. Starting gold.
      We’ll follow the AP leveling track when possible.
      We’ll have individual initiative.
      I hope to get this started soon, so please post those characters.

      House Rules
      1. HP beyond first level.  Roll the hit die.  If the roll is less than”avg” then take avg instead.  Example: Wizard d6.  Rolls a 1.  Gets 4hp instead, before Con mod.
      2. Acrobatics can be used to avoid AOO when standing from prone.
      3. If someone is not responding and action is waiting for them, I’ll send a pm after 24 hours.  If no response 24 hours later, I’ll take over that character to get action rolling again.
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