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Souls for Smuggler’s Shiv, Pathfinder 1e


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Ok.  Lorak doesn’t have improved grapple, so it provokes.  The dimorphodon takes an AOO at the outset of the grapple attempt.  3+3=6.  Fail.  The grapple succeeds.

Lorak catches the dinosaur around the neck.  Now the Dino’s attack:  The Dino can still use its natural weapons to attack, but takes a -2 penalty.  Both the Dino and Lorak gain the grappled condition, -4 Dex, -2 attack.  Lorak underestimates the length of the neck.  The beast swings it’s head around, flapping its wings futilely, while hissing.  It snaps its jaws and catches Lorak on the shoulder!

17+3-2=18.  Lorak’s AC is usually 18, now 16.  It hits.  Lorak’s shoulder burns in pain, made worse as venom tries to work its way into his system! 1d6+3 dmg rolled a 6!

9 points of damage and give me a Fort save!


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Rapier attack: d20 + 4 + 4(grappled condition right?) = 16(20)


If that hits:

Dmg: d6+2+d6 = 3+2+4 TOTAL 9 pts total


(Is that attack my held action for the current round?)


If it is, my action for the next round is to attack it again


Rapier d20+4 +4(again?) : 8+ 4 + 4 12 (16?)


If that hits:

dmg: 2 + 2 TOTAL: 4


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There is no bonus to hit someone who is grappled.  Grappled but not pinned has no other penalty to AC other than the -4 Dex.  This is not the same as “denied DEX bonus to AC” as it relates to sneak attack.


You can’t do a full move as part of a readied action attack, but you can do a 5 foot step.

Reviewing Lorak’s prior shift to Q11 puts the Dino at P11.  Because Scraps doesn’t have a corner of hard cover, he can 5 foot step to Q10 and be in melee, so this can count as your readied action.


Your attack hits, causing major bleeding.  It’s still up.  This attack triggered as soon as he got to that square, before Lorak’s and before the Dino’s.


Your initiative count changes, so you won’t be next in the initiative order.


Initiative order for the next round looks like:

13 Jandir

9 Arune

8 Sabine

7 Scraps

6 Lorak

5 Dimorphodon

Based on when readied actions went off.


Jandir is up.


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