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Forest Elves 30mm 2D Fantasy Gaming Miniatures


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The goal of this campaign is to create a set of six 2D 30mm Forest Elves player-character gaming miniature standees representing the martial "Warrior," the stealthy "Rogue" and the mystically endowed "Spellcaster" archetypes of fantasy gaming. The set will be comprised of a male and female Warrior, a male and female Rogue and a male and female Spellcaster, each presented in a wilderness-oriented, "elvish" style. Each figure will be a unique design, with front and back views printed on thick card stock, die-cut to their silhouettes, and packaged with stands.  

ce51855dd8b6e80f321151b727d3fc32_origina What will the rest of the Forest Elves look like? Back this project to find out. (Figure artwork copyright © 2020 Joe Nittoly)

As part of this project, in addition to the primary colour scheme, an exclusive alternate colour scheme edition of the Forest Elves set will be produced and offered as a reward option for my Kickstarter backers only. The primary colour scheme edition will eventually be available for sale to anyone, but only Kickstarter backers can get the alternate colour scheme edition. 

553945ed33b34e46f1dd9f61cf51050e_origina Example primary and alternate colour schemes. (Figure artwork copyright © 2020 Joe Nittoly)

Included free with the Tier 1 ($10) rewards is a pinback button bearing the Forest Elves symbol, an original design created specifically for these miniatures and incorporated into their designs. 



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