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Scenic Resin Bases for 28mm Tabletop Wargames Miniatures

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244eb7803526dc0d1e2e8c7a86d6e994_origina Squad pack : Mediterranean & desert
1a97b654119de5fe0ea83bc0473c137d_origina Heavy Weapons Pack : Mediterranean & Desert
d6e6a96ce91a572d1b0f4f8c935ac070_origina Squad Pack: Countryside
af20c7e7affc5e57034028970635f738_origina Heavy Weapons Pack: Countryside
a64ddb09780f23c6ae0120392f3b295d_origina Squad Pack: Cobbles
d46e490ed700d2c867cec80af424ccc9_origina Heavy Weapons Pack : Cobbles
05d812342578faf427be9ab2c7aa4ad9_origina Squad Pack; Winter
158dafa7c90046f901ea9b0d2448ce18_origina Heavy Weapons Pack: Winter
fd17aeb20e558e7a0897b92036f9defa_origina Fox Hole Pack
8bfc29e87b83bd8fafdb1d9745b54b19_origina Sand Bag Pack
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I'd love to have some bases in this vein, but I don't need the oblong ones and the "artillery" ones are 60mm, which is too large to be used as a "large" base for my purposes. Bummer.

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They look neat. I wouldn't have a use for them sadly, but definitely like the look of them. 


Would be nice to see more info about what's included in each base in the actual campaign description ^_^

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I’d use the heck out of these but the cost of shipping and the 1/1.25 conversion rate to the pound would make these cost-prohibitive. 

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