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Alaina, Female Paladin (Battlefield victory)

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Nice - the banner balances the composition very nicely while adding to the forlorn tone

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3 hours ago, Swampy said:

I don't know how to address people in reply messages bu to Crissair, it was Green stuff putty. 


You either click the QUOTE button or you summon someone by typing a @ then start typing the name, you will notice a pop up in your screen below with suggestions for the forumite(s) you can choose from, CLICK THE ONE YOU NEED, then the @with the name attached will show up in a RED box. That means you've mentioned the person and that person will be able to see it in his/her notifications.

Like this: @Swampy

Do not just type @swampy that will not work, you'll have to select the name.


The Diorama looks great, I think you really set the scene with the little extras you added, the banner is an eyecatcher which immediately tells us that someone has lost a battle.

Great job!


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