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I have yet to unpack the Elegoo Mars.

However I installed Chitubox.


I have now loaded files.

As recommended on Youtube I filled the bed with several minis to print.

And I laid them flat to speed up the printing process and tilted them a little.


Test subjects:


  • Snake Warrior
  • Cobra ( with base)
  • Bat Demon
  • Small Foo Dog statues
  • Asian Ghost
  • Oni in three parts.




Added the automated supports.





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2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Does anyone see a problem?


Too many supports? Not Enough?


Whether there are too many supports are not is really hard to measure.  It really depends on the model and how you go about placing the supports.  Personally, I go through a model layer by layer and look for the islands that appear as I progress up.   Sometimes you get a large cluster of supports, especially with fur and hair.  Sometimes the model just doesn't have anything that needs  many supports.  Sometime you need to place supports just to reinforce or stabilize something.


That said, the supports in the screenshot do look pretty thick.  Did you use the stock Chitubox settings, or have you tweaked anything?  The thicker the connection point, the greater chance a scar will be left on the model.  But too small a connection point and the support will fail.


Lastly, I have started using an app called Photon File Validator to double check that I've support all islands.  It's an extra step in my workflow, but it has helped.

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I can't tell what you've picked, but for regular figs I use the "light" support settings.

I would put the important side (so the front/face) oriented up, to avoid supports there (similar to trying to avoid seams on faces ).

I usually go with 15-45 degree angle,  Here are some turrets for Churchills I did overnight.



so far they look ok I think:


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@Clearman @Jasper_the_2nd I used the autosupport setting and then pulled the slider down and up, added light and medium supports where I saw red.


I was thinking to save this file and then remove all supports and add them manually again, maybe then look at the new setup with your advice.

I haven't changed any settings yet, except I put Anti-Aliasing to 4.

Not sure what to do with the settings yet.


I need to look at some more vids on the subject.

Maybe if one of you has advice about what would be good settings for printing I would appreciate it.


The printer is still packed, first I'm palying around with the chitubox, trying to learn how to deal with it.



The Foo Dog Statues are very small.

I couldn't find how to enlarge them in Chitubox, does anyone know?


I'm learning.

Trying to create a file that will have a good chance of printing right.


Thanks all for your input and likes!

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Auto-support is notorious for not placing supports very well.  If you got a successful print, great, but you can get better prints by placing supports manually.  Unfortunately it takes practice.  I recommend these channels for Chitubox tutorials  :





For scaling a model, when you are on the general settings tab (not in placing support mode) there are 4 icons on the left.  The third one down (magnifying glass with a cube) is the scale feature.  You will want get the scaling finalized before placing supports as the scale feature will remove supports.

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I haven't had many crashed with Chitubox, but it has usually been when I've been trying to make it do too much.  When I think about it, this was one of the reasons I started placing supports on models individually, and then importing them into a larger project for slicing.


I do not know if there are any system parameters that can be tweaked or if system cpu/memory/graphics card make that much difference.  

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with the foo dogs you may actually get a better result by placing them so that the base is aligned with the print bed (or slightly angled with the base down), as they actually look like you may be able to print them with supports only on the base - based on the size of them I'd also seriously consider using the hollow function as they will have some significant suction as they are. Do you mind PMing the location of those foo dogs for me and I'll have a look for you.

With the other figures, I think you probably need to play with the angles/locations on the plate a bit more to get them in the best orientations for printing - by changing angle etc. you may be able to significantly reduce the number of supports, although you will have a cost of increased print time. Personally I would go with the longer print time and easier post-print cleanup!

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