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Glitterwolf's 3D Printing Adventures

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6 hours ago, Rahz said:

You're a machine!  Great stuff!



It's addictive...and I already have a lot of nice files.

More is coming, I'm down to the last bit of resin from the 1st bottle.

2nd bottle is ready to step in when it's depleted.


Removing the supports and cleaning from that set took me an hour, especially being very very careful with all those snakes.

This time I didn't break anything.


Today I painted.

There are a few things in Show Off now, two of them are 3D prints.

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Today was the day.


Last night I printed that stairs, and something kept going on in my head, check the FEP, clean it, filter the resin.

I don't know why..since I just added fresh resin.


But still it bugged me somehow and it seemed my inner voice/guardian angel/deceased ancestor/deity that somehow likes me, was right.

I filtered the resin, removed a little bit of cured stuff form the FEP and I noticed a serious dent and it had still cured resin on it.

I removed it and indeed, the FEP got damaged, a tiny hole....


So, with the aid of these youtube clips I changed the FEP.






The first one shows it all in perfect steps but when I was almost done I thought, why is the FEP so loose?

And when I watched the second one it was explained that tightening would occur with the second set of screws...

So..thanks for Youtube!


Here is my progress.

Not bad for a non tech wolf, it is printing as we speak and in 4,5 hours I will know if it all works fine.

At least it isn't spilling any resin at the moment...


So filter the resin/clean the VAT


Loosen the large screws





Take the rear off what's holding the FEP

Now loosen the smaller screws

Take it apart





Remove the old FEP

Place a new FEP between the parts and a sponge under that







Screw those back together, you need to puncture the screws through the FEP

Remove sponge

Cut the excess FEP with a hobby knife





It's tightened now and should sound a bit like a drum


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42 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

Hm... Doesn't anyone make 'pre-holed' FEP film for your printer?   


All the films for my old Bean came pre-cut and pre-holed to fit it exactly. No worry of tearing the film as you puncture it. 


No idea, these are the official ones.

Works well though

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18 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

If you rotated some 180 degrees, so that the head points the other way, you could probably fit a few more...   


I only need 6 of the smaller ones.

Just one more big one ( printing almost done as we speak) and I'll have all the statues I need.


Then a few more braziers.

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Today it's printing time.

A 6,5 hour job and if all goes well I'll have the Artisan Guild Battle Prawn / Zeek monster.

Printing the head on the same build plate as the main body, hoping to get the whole monster that way.


There are two rider options, I think I'll go with the wise woman.

Somehow I think I could paint her as a necromancer riding a huge insect monster, or maybe a desert dweller as the scourgeland survivors basically are.


Here is a pic from the internet, it should look like this.

Base is not in the printer, I'm thinking of using one of my own, not sure yet.




These are the rider options

Leaning towards the female.


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