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Glitterwolf's 3D Printing Adventures

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Well that was fun.

I know my printer and settings are good since I printed perfect prints this morning.


The experiment however was a failure.

I created 11 tiny insects/lizards with supertiny supports.


4 of those were partly printed ( I will use them anyway, maybe partly covered or as dead bugs)

All others faile miserably.


I did shrink already small minis to 15% and some larger ones to 10%

It's too tiny to hold even with less lifting speed.

Another lesson:  In Chitubox it all looks large enough, so placing supports here and there looks fine.

In reality with such tiny stuff it will result in too many so you have troubles getting the tiny bug of it's supports.


How tiny?

Well I shrunk the minis so they are actually the size of a real fly.

The smaller kind...


I did have fun though, now I know how far I can go.

Next time I will use somewhat larger supports and a bit bigger minis.


Since the heatwave is upon us, I filtered and emptied the VAT now for a few days.

I have some minis waiting for paint anyway.






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So..ehhh. about those "few" minis I need to paint..





Also assembled the infiltrators.


With so many weapon options and hands I can easily make more with different weapons.

For now I went for one with spells in both hands, one with two blades and one with a short bow and a blade.

I figure the last one has just wounded his target with an arrow and now closes in to finish him.

The others are specialists.


Love these minis.




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10 hours ago, Standifer said:

I can see it now! One day there will be a yard sale of a house full of 3d printed minis that Glitterwolrf never painted!:lol:


A thousand years into the future, my home will be discovered by an archeologist.




**** RESIN ARMY found in tomb of an unknown Emperor! Even larger than the Chinese Terracotta Army!***

Edited by Glitterwolf
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Just now, Glitterwolf said:



That's it!

I got it!

I now have two parts saved as STL's!


Awesome, now I can cut big parts in pieces I can print on my Elegoo.




So I remember...

7 minutes ago, Rahz said:

Nothing stupid about not being able to do something... 


So, I imported the item again: 







Click Split.


Both parts are now visible. 







Same problem you reported earlier.  I can see the line where I split it, but it's a single piece. 




But if I split and move one of the parts, this is what I get after a new save and re-open. 


Not sure if you are moving them apart or not, but it would seem that you have to. 





1 minute ago, Illithar said:

I think I see what is happening. When you save it in 3D builder it saves both halves as one file with two objects in it. If you want them as separate files: split it and keep both, then delete one half, save as stl, undo the delete (Ctrl + Z), then delete the other half and do another save as. That should get you two files, each with one half of the original file.


I don't know if there is a more elegant way of doing it, but that should work. Make sure to make a backup of the 'whole' file too, just in case.


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