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After watching another one of 3DPrintingPro videos I have adjusted my settings for the Elegoo Mars.


  • Layer Height -0,04
  • Bottom Layer Count -5
  • Exposure Time -8
  • Bottom Exposure -55
  • Light Off Delay -10
  • Bottom Light Off Delay -10
  • BottomLift Distance -6
  • Lifting Distance-6
  • Bottom Lift Speed -45
  • Lifring Speed -45
  • Retract Speed -150

This is supposed to let the LCD cool off a few seconds while printing, it should prevent the little layer lines one can get on larger surfaces and it should prolong the LCD's Lifetime.

As it turns out the whole thing is 15 minutes longer print time than my last settings.

Also it should make the resin settle a bit before resuming printing which would make thinner parts less prone to breaking off.


We will know in about 6 hours what will happen to this baby..



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That is one of the videos I watched while I wait for my printer to ship. The light off delay setting has to be calculated based off of your personal lift settings.  Some manufactures don't exactly match the math, which is why he also recommended checking with a stopwatch (or phone) to make sure you actually have the light off delay that you want.  For you I have:


6mm lift / .75mm/sec + 6mm retract / 2.5mm/sec = 10.4 second cycle.


Since your light off delay is set for 10 seconds it is contained within the normal lift cycle and is actually ignored.  In order to get a delay like he recommends it needs to be 10.4 seconds + whatever you want the delay to be. And then check with a stopwatch.

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I'm still very happy with the basic Elegoo Mars.


First part of the model printed perfectly after 7 hours.

I did break a door handle but glued it back on.


Look at the detail, the inscription is perfectly printed.


Translated it says :


Always a wooden stake through the heart








This is the plan



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Printing the Bottom Armour piece.

It had to be aligned upright else it wouldn't fit on the build plate, resulting in a 9,5 hour printjob...


I hope I supported it right and that it will work.

Also..I have 2 spare LCD screens and 7 spare FEP films now, and about 2,5 liter of resin.

Hope it will last me a while.

I'm still worried about the time when I will need to replace the LCD.

It scares me..


In the further future I can see me buying a bigger one, a Saturn or a Phrozen maybe.

Something with a bigger build plate.


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Gunner and Vampire Prisoner done.

Another good print.

A tad too many supports on the back of the gunner, but that won't hurt much.


Will print the engine and the ram tomorrow.

Almost there!


I love how the vampire is nailed to that wheel and that they hung garlic around his neck!




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29 minutes ago, NecroMancer said:

This is awesome!


Can't wait to see it all assembled and painted!


I love the vampire


Now thinking about the setting.

There will probably be some graveyard scenery, maybe something even more gruesome, like impaled victims/bodies etc, Vampires have been feasting?

I'll have to think about it and am open to suggestions.


I don't game, so it will be either  a small vignette/base or a larger scene.

This wagon is over 20cm long!

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