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Been a while since I printed anything, I wanted to paint a lot first to clear my desk.

Now as it happens I have 8 Jackal Warriors on my desk half painted.

They need bases,


So I'm now printing ( hopefully) 8 Txarli Crakced Desert Bases which I like to use for them.

We wil now in about 3 hours if it worked.

Going for eight 25x25mm bases

Schermafbeelding 2023-04-17 102327.jpg

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Printed well.

I managed to break the spear of the warrior and I mistook the leash for a support and cut that off.


So I will use him as a separate warrior now ( glued the spear back on) and will print him again as a hyena handler.




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44 minutes ago, Olaf the Stout said:

I hate it when I accidentally snip of what I think is a support, only to later realise it’s a part of the model. 

Indeed, I need to look at the render when removing supports to prevent this.

Oh well. I will just print another and use this one as a single warrior with a different paintjob.

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Posted (edited)

Hurray and Grumble!!!



The Hyena Handler printed great and I broke nothing the second time.



I printed bases.



Tried to print the African Lady with a Snake.

Snakehead and one of her hands didn't print, bad support.

So I threw her out.


I usually use the presupported version and add some extra supports where I think it's needed.

Didn't do that last part here, should have.

I kept her spear though will give that to the first version of the Warrior so he can look different with an extra spear.

Oh well.


Like a wise man once said:








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