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Glitterwolf's 3D Printing Adventures

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It has been a while since I printed, kept my focus on painting for a while.


So, I've started up the old Elegoo Mars, I'm still fond of my little basic resin printer.

One day I might upgrade to a version with a bigger build plate but I hate to replace something that works.


Let's see if this will print.

I used my last batch of wanhao and mixed it with a little elegoo grey resin.

There's a big Onepagerules Egyptian base on the build plate and I filled it out with some scorpions/skulls/scarabs to either adorn bases or create tomb swarms for my Undying Dynasties/Tomb Kings.


We'll know somewhere around 14:30 hours,,

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Printed well.


The base is awesome.

The scarabs/beetles and scorpions are fine, very tiny and two stingers miss their tips due to support removing.

But it's fine by me, they will be hidden under the sand then.

Skulls are great.




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I was able to print the second claw and some skulls yesterday.

However the legs and shield/spear etc all failed.


I have filtered my resin and cleaned the VAT/FEP another attempt today.

Releveled the bed.


I was thinking, I have filtered the resin and poured it back in the bottle.

Will reuse that,

If this fails again, I might need to change the FEP, it has some scratches but it normally would still work fine.


We'll know later today.

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On 2/6/2024 at 12:49 AM, Gryphon said:

Do you have a way to clean cured resin of the glass printer screen?  


Take a look at this,

I will advice to be careful not to get the water into the machine, so careful with wetting that sponge.





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Labyrinth Miniatures -Theseus

I also printed some CastNPlay Greek Bases and some Ghamak Egyptian Bases.

All perfectly printed.


Love the detail on the Labyrinth mini. ( two colour mix is because of two types of resin mixed).



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