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Glitterwolf's 3D Printing Adventures

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9 hours ago, haldir said:


Perfect size for Giant Snake in 5e. I may have to file the snakes into a "future to print" file.


Nice work!!


If you're a patreon you can get 30% discount off old files every first 10 days of the month.

Every month there are also sets that get 50%

Epic bosses get 50% always.


Just so you know.

These are awesome snakes.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I worked in and around the house today.

Lots of stuff to do.

Unfortunately the garagedoor is stuck, won't open anymore, I will look into that tomorrow and maybe I need a repairman.


So I didn't print today.

But I did yesterday evening, so I can show you something new after all.


Artisan Guild / Oni Set/ the Oni Beauty and base.

She's has been curing in the sun.


Also a size comparison..


One of the two Larger Oni in the set ( female), the Oni Beauty and one of the Giant Snakes.

The Oni Beauty is 32mm/heroic scale, same scale as the Reaper Warlord minis.





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Just now, Glitterwolf said:

Printed the weapons and base for the big lady today and also one of her smaller friends with all his stuff,






I really like that resin color. Which one do you have again?


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Printed this today





Since I printed so much, I knew I needed to paint more.

So I started painting some of them.


But since some needed a nice base, I'm now printing bases.

Those need to be painted..


The circle continues

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14 hours ago, malefactus said:

You certainly are getting some BEAUTIFUL pieces from you printer. I love The Babes.


Artisan Guild has some awesome files.

I became a Patreon.

There are some awesome ladies in their range, I love that big Oni girl, she's on my workbench getting some paint.

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Last night I printed a tent from the Artisan Guild Welcome Pack.

It came out 99,9% perfect.

The only thing that didn't print was the small lantern hanging from the beam.

Only the top printed.


I know what happened, I misplaced a support, it was either too light or in the wrong place.

I'm still going to paint that tent though, the spot will be obscured by placing a large skull of some animal or demon over it, thus creating a hunter's tent.


So I learned something again about placing supports manually.


All in all I can't complain, only one real failure and this little part that didn't go as intended, all the others were succesful prints.


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I scratched the built plate with a metal scraper.

As said by fellow forumites, it is no big deal although it scared me.


I printed the Jungle Princess and her mount, also dismounted version.

A few weapons and stuff to go with the tent.

After the scratch a campfire and a fishman hero, they came out great so it still works.

Assembled the Anubis Hero and a Oni Ogre.

Printed a base from the Jurakin and scaled it up to fit my Merfolk Warrior.


All in all pretty productive today.











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