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77200 - Sir Conlan

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It has been a year and a half since I painted. I have lined a few bone minis and this is the first of my practice pieces. I spent 2 hours on the cloak. Not happy with it, but I want to move on to the other parts. 


Brown liner to "prime" the bones figure. Then 9418 thru 9420 triad for the cloak.

Oceanic Blue 

Tropical Blue

Glacier Blue





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I'm grabbing paint (need to organize since most are in a bin or four).


Worked on the front cloak

29837 Armor Grey for shadow 

09063 Ghost White for mids

09439 Dragon White for highs

I like the hood and somewhat like the front cloth.


Also Armor Grey on armor, sword, and shield.



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You established a nice colour scheme, but I feel you need to up contrast quite a bit. You could add purple to a dark blue to really make the shadows read as such and go for a similar blue tint shadow with the white robe. 


Also consider using a glaze medium to make it easier to get smooth transitions. 

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