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CAV data cards in First Edition CAV

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Do you mean in just the rulebook, or do you want both volumes of the Journal of Recognition as well??


Full disclosure, my books are in my sisters basement so I don't have access right now.

But I'm sure that someone will be along SoonTM to help out.

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Data cards in the back of the original rulebook:

CAVs: Assassin, Challenger, Dictator, Gladiator, Knight, Panther, Puma, Regent, Rhino, Scorpion, Specter, Sovereign III, Starhawk V, Tyrant, Vanquisher, Warlord, Wraith

Vehicles: APC (generic), Lance, Launcher (generic), Poltergeist

Other: Heavy Infantry, Infantry, Kikyu, Tsuiseki


Only have paper copies of the Journals of Recognition and they aren't handy at the moment.



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On 4/19/2020 at 7:17 PM, friendlyfungus said:

Could someone please tell me which CAVs have data cards listed in the original edition of CAV? Thank you very much.

If someone does not beat me to it,I will list both JoRs after work today.

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Here is the JoRs plus those from "CAV Rules"


Journal of Recognition 1



Archer                        Assassin                  Badger

Bishop                       Blitz                           Challenger

Conqueror                Cougar                      Dictator 60

Duelist                       Falcon                       Fenri

Ghost    `                   Gladiator II                Hedgehog

Hunter                       Infantry (Regular)     Infantry (Heavy)

Jaguar                       Kahn                          Katana

Kikyu                         Knight                        Lance

Mastodon                 Ogre                          Panther

Poltergeist                Puma                        Raptor

Regent                       Rhino                        Scorpion

Sovereign III             Spartan                     Specter

Spider                        Starhawk V               Sultan

Talon                         Thug                          Tsuiseki

Tyrant                        Vanquisher                Warlord

Whisper                     Wight                         Wraith

Wyvern                      Psyro (Drone A)        Psyro (Aggressor A)

Psyro (Aggressor B)



Journal of Recognition 2



Ashigaru                    Banshee                     Baron

Butcher                      Centipede                  Centurion

Chancellor                 Chieftain                    Czar

Despot                       Dictator 70                 Dingo

Dragonfly                   Dragoon                    Emperor

Flail                            Ghast                         Harpy

Hornet                       Kharl                          Longbow

Lynx                           Malefactor                Manticore

Mantis                       Merlin                        Naginata

Nomad                      Outlaw                      Overlord

Raider                        Revenant                  Ripper

Ronin                         Ryoshi                       Sabre

Sabretooth                Scarab                      Spike

Starhawk VI              Stiletto                      Thunderbird

Tiger                          Tsukai                        Vindicator

Warden                      Wolf                          Wolverine

Errata reprints:

Fenri                          Hunter                       Katana

Lance                        Vanquisher               Wyvern



CAV Rules



APC                           Assassin I                  Challenger

Dictator                    Gladiator                    Heavy Infantry

Infantry                     Kikyu                           Knight

Lance                        Launcher                    Panther

Puma                        Poltergeist                  Regent

Rhino                         Scorpion                    Specter

Sovereign III             Starhawk V                Tsuiseki

Tyrant                        Vanquisher                Warlord



These from the "CAV Rules pdf", have different values.

Just check with main rule book and the info is the same as Vil-hatarn.             

Edited by Watchman
Clarification. Addition.

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