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Shieldwolf Miniatures

Imperium Immortalis by Shieldwolf Miniatures

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Thank you for your consideration! :blush: 

EDIT: Forgot the overall image here! ^_^














Thank you all so much for making this an amazing campaign so far! ::D:



Updating status, 72 hours left! :blush:




Even more unlocks, woohoo, thank you everyone!!!



Edited by Shieldwolf Miniatures
(Forgot the overall image!)
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Project Update #37: Imperium Immortalis by Shieldwolf Miniatures

July Update... PM is closing shortly (2nd and LAST notification)!

Posted by Shieldwolf Miniatures Jul 13, 2020

Hello everyone!

We have been sending notifications and reminders every 7-10 days, and now we arrived at a point where the Pledge Manager is closing down in 10 days (on the 22nd of July).

For everyone that have filled it in all cool, there's nothing else you need to do. For everyone else who hasn't however, please do so ASAP, because (unlike all our previous projects where we ended up to having stretched far and beyond to accommodate everyone) once the PM closes down we will NOT be revisiting it!

As we speak, we have 71.05% of backers who have submitted the PM with 28.95% who haven't. Whilst 42 of these backers had selected no reward and chose not to upgrade (which is usual), we still have some backers who pledged a respectable amount and not selected their rewards. Remember, 10 days to go.

This is the last update notifying you of this, please let us know what you'd like!

Thank you.

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Edit the first post,. In the tagline, x-out the Live tag, and add 'Finished'. Then select it in the drop-down below. 


It's so simple that even I managed to get it right after only a couple of attempts... 

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      Shieldwolf Miniatures after having completed it's fourth Kickstarter is now preparing to launch what it's supporters asked during the last survey; the Imperium Desertum!

      Thank you once again for the consideration!
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      Due to a certain person working up my interest in Battlefleet gothic, (okay, really all you have to do is wave a new ship under my nose, its not really a challenge) I went into my archives to see what I could paint to scratch the itch.  So out of the archives I dug these ancients out of hiding to go from prime to painted.  I am not really sure of their vintage but they are old enough to be something I bought when I was 15 and they are actual lead GW minis, which I thought didn't actually exist!  Anyway, I thought others would enjoy them.  They are the same color scheme as my favorite imperium fleet (I might have a few...) and I was trying for that sharp bright color scheme.  I think I succeeded but to each his own.  I think these are a pair of old crusiers and a battleship but if anyone wants to try their google fu and identify them, have at!
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      I’ve been itching to assemble some plastic minis for a little while now, and with the new Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago nickstarter currently going, that’s where my thoughts have been. Going through my kits, I realized that I only had a single sprue of the original Frostgrave Soldier kit, not the whole box, like I thought. I had also picked up the Sherwood Outlaw conversion kit to make some of them into Robin Hood type bandits.So, I decided to make some outlaws…

      The conversion kit ended up being a disappointment. The fit of the bits was questionable, and for some reason the heads were molded so that the connecting point to the sprue was the top of the head, not the neck. This completely ruined both the heads without hats. 

      The frostgrave soldier kit itself isn’t bad. There are lots of options to go along with the 5 different bodies. I wish there was a little more customizability with the bodies. Separate torso and legs would have made a lot of difference. 
      Probably not going to get around to painting them for a bit. I need the weather to warm up before I can spray prime them.

      I’m looking forward to building some cultists next! 
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      Here is what I painted in 2017.
      I had a lot of fun with the terrain/scenery pieces.
      Learned a lot from painting the bust and got crazy with my Lost World project.
      Also had a blast with the diorama challenge and Rainbow Dragon Challenge.
      Here is Glitterwolf's 2017.

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