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B:GCC - Mission 19 "A Bloody Transaction" has Gordon and Bullock trying to rescue some hostages from The Red Hood and his gang.  


Apparently there are good Red Hoods and bad Red Hoods.  This is the bad Red Hood, possibly the Joker, pre-Joker days (spoiler?).  Or maybe just some random sucker in a stupid outfit.  Who knows.  I think their theme song is "Every Girl's Crazy About a Sharp Dressed Man".




473510180_2020-04-2418_07_06.thumb.jpg.64ea3c842cdab1c796d27fc75c782a49.jpg 558988322_2020-04-2418_07_14.thumb.jpg.c00f6399da6d0f6de796e3786b1f3616.jpg





Penguin's Henchmen.  Not a part of the mission, but I had space to paint them.  Their nets had me worried, but I like how they came out.  



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8 hours ago, ced1106 said:

Nice! How are you liking the game so far?


How is it compared to Conan?


I played the first two missions (both times as the mastermind/villain) and I found it to be fun, but mentally exhausting.  There are a lot of details to know and keep track of.  To me, the experience feels closer to a miniatures war game (like Warhammer 40K) rather than a board game (like X-Wing).  With the right group, multiple replays should make that a bit easier, but unfortunately I don't think I have that group.  I am looking forward to the IDW Batman Minis game, as I think that will be more my speed.  I've played their TNMT game and enjoyed it.  


I have never played Conan so I can't compare BUT, from what I understand, Conan doesn't have as many heroes, so trying to understand everything that is going on isn't as cumbersome.  

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