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Mayday! Mayday! Craft Paint Down! Send Help.(May Hobby Goals)

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Top Posters In This Topic

  • Work on and hopefully finish my Tlemiahuatl
  • Work on and maybe finish the Queen Shannon and her Bears diorama
  • Work on my Love After Death piece ( working title)
  • Paint my 3D painted dog and vampire.
  • Print more minis with my 3D printer
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Print stuff to paint (eventually) on Photon S


Get the Ender 3 working again


Actually put paint onto miniatures, which means I really need to clean up my workspace/table. OHSA came by the other day & declared a "national disaster". I may even get a relief check to help clean it up.......:blink:

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So is help being sent more paint, some superglue, and a pack of new hobby blades? ::P:


No idea what my plans are, but I'll wing this... 

- if by some strange reason it isn't finished in April, get living room put back together again

- Paint stuff! 

- Assemble things! 

- keep progress going on Haqq army

- consume cookies

- drink tea

- maybe get those packages that were shipped in March from the US (which are still, well, no idea) 

- order more Mission Models paint! 

- buy more brushes! 

- figure out how to tag things on Instagram. Bonus points if I actually bother tagging things :ph34r:

- organize minis in living room

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Staying home saved me a good sum of money I would have spent on revelry and carousing...so I spent it on minis instead! 
Currently working on

-a few more clowns and acrobats from Brigade Games, for my circus

-an army of plant-people from Hydra Miniatures


Stuff that should be arriving in the mail in the foreseeable future:

-a bunch of bad guys and mooks from Artizan 

-a couple of rad guys from Northstar Steampunk (Sikh with a chaingun? yes please)

-some sci-fi fellas and gewgaws from Bombshell

-a further detachment of other, different but compatible, plant-people from Crooked Dice

-assorted cultists, weirdos, and sci-fi set dressing from Crooked Dice


And don't think I haven't seen that soda machine Reaper's making now! I've got to get a few of those for Bouncy Bubble Beverage machines. "Drink B3...it's the MANDATORY thing!"

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Keeping with my hobby goals for 2020; in May while staying at home, I plan to:

  • Paint three Musketeers for Anno Domini 1666
  • Paint three Polish Dragoons for Anno Domini 1666
  • Paint one more character mini for Slipstream
  • Paint this month's Mithril miniature
    • The first stretch goal is 5 black blood assault orcs
    • The second stretch goal is a female dwarf
    • The third goal is 3 additional character minis for Anno Domini 1666
    • The final stretch goal is a Duskwarden for Duskwardens of Dreadmere

My hobby goals for 2020 include:

  • Painting more miniatures for Rangers of Shadow Deep and Frostgrave games (21 so far)
  • Entering at least two miniature painting contests (and the monthly Frostgrave contest)
  • Painting some sci-fi minis for the game Slipstream (7 so far)
  • Painting all the figures in my annual box (11 remain)
  • Painting a Mithril miniature each month [On track with 5]


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May hobby goals:

  • Finish a unit of Scout Troopers for Star Wars Legion. Hopefully at least start on painting some Speederbikes.
  • At least get started on painting a Luke for Star Wars Legion for my wife.
  • Play more Star Wars Legion with my wife.  Add in a few more rules and maybe a new unit or so.
  • Print more terrain for Star Wars Legion. Start using it. At least consider priming it....
  • Assemble more Star Wars Legion figures.  Sure is a lot of SWL on this list for some reason.
  • Tidy and organize the paint room some. Especially the airbrushing desk.
  • Go through some boxes of hobby stuff and organize it.
  • Learn to play Formula D
  • Get back to planning my diorama I want to do this year.
  • 3D print more stuff!!  Consider actually prepping and assembly and priming and painting.
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Okay, I finished one goal, and May hasn’t even started yet:


14 hours ago, Grumpy Cave Bear said:

Try this “paint yellow over a pink base” thing


Pale Saffron over Pure White and over over Rosy Pink:




It’s hard to tell in the photo, but in person, the yellow over pink has more warmth and body, where the yellow over white is a bit flat and lifeless.  When I try this for real on a model, I’ll try a lighter pink with a little less blue in it, so I don’t have to use so many coats to cover the base.

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I don’t know if/when we might be back to commuting this month.  I didn’t get very far with last month’s goals, so I am still looking at:


24 Ral Partha medievals as fatnasy civic militia

12 vintage Minifig orc archers

5 Bones saproling and an elvish sorceress for the 1/72 scale fantasy campaign


and adding


A large Apocalypse Miniatures farmhouse

A repaint of a War-torn World ruined tower piece (from tan to grays)


Even that seems optimistically ambitious given last month.  There are also a few random individuals on the table if I want a break from the buildings and units.


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