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I am going to be sending this one out tomorrow to it's recipient, but I know that there is not a camera on that end so I took pictures.........and I'm about as patient as a 3 year old when it comes to showing ya'll my minis so...... :lol:


I'm not going to say who it's going to, but I hope that they will be please when it gets to them. ^_^


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Great job on the metallics however I would really like to know how you did the base.



Techstar snowflakes. superglued the first layer a super thinned layer of white pearlescent paint (added opacity for the snow), spray seal, one last layer by means of dunking base in snow and letting set until dry.


And thank you, everyone. :blush:


The purple is a current self challenge, I see all over that purple is a very hard color so I decided that I'm going to get good at it. Next up on the learn a color, when I am satisfied with purple, is green......which I'm going to have to buy more of as I only own four colors of it. :lol:

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