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Box of Goodwill round 9 sign up thread

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Texas I prefer to not post international but I can help if needed. I can start a box*!   *I took out the stuff that made the box too big last year and left it out for free giveaways a

....and that's all folks!  Sign ups are closed.  I'll start getting lists made up and posted shortly. 

Welcome to the 9th round of the Box of Goodwill! You may have heard about the fabled 'Box of Goodwill'. Maybe you were involved last time, maybe you're new and would like to see what it's all about.

OH Pick me! Pick Me!! this is one of the next best things to RCon we have left in this Turd of a year. 


Where?:  Austin (the one with the music, not the Spam)

ship internationally?:  No

Box starter: no thanks, unless necessary.

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I would like to sign up! This would be my first box and @Dr Bob recommended we try it! It would be my husband and I participating as a household (he's not on forums).

Location: Houston, TX
International? No
Starter? Not for our first time, but maybe in the future!


I hope we make it in! Thanks so much for organizing this. I participated in some similar things for another hobby of mine and I know it's a lot of work and coordination.

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I prefer to not post international but I can help if needed.

I can start a box*!


*I took out the stuff that made the box too big last year and left it out for free giveaways at ReaperCon 2019. You goofballs were too nice and I ended up with more than I brought with me.


Also, did anyone leave a glue gun in there? I have your glue gun. I can mail it to you! :lol:


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Sounds interesting, will be my first time


Location - Middle Tennessee

No international

While I have enough stuff,  it's probably not a good idea to have a first timer be a box starter.  So I will pass on being a box starter unless someone with more experience wants to advise me on what I should put in it.





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