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Box of Goodwill round 9 picture/chatter thread


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I went through the box last night! Unfortunately (and fortunately) all of our stuff is already packed for the move next week. When we started this round, we weren't even planning on moving haha!


So I'll only be grabbing a few things tonight and taking the photos tomorrow!

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So, these are most of my picks (better late than never). At least I (mostly) beat Pineapple posting his picks after me. I still haven't gotten my husband to pull his selections back out yet to take photos of those. Some things aren't in the group picture, but I'll try again later when we can get the rest out. I think my for-now favorite is the Were Armadillo with the missing ear. I also took out a set of Pizza Dungeon dice (blue), which should not be much of a surprise.





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Alright, here's what my clan took:



* Samples of colored flower flock. (We didn't take the whole bag of course!)

* The Halbarad I painted

* A prepainted flesh golem that I'm excited about re-painting

* A skull sprue

* Chibi skeleton of some kind (daughter)

* Reaper bones lizardfolk

* ReaperCon Iconic, Bonehenge

* Baran Blacktree, Warrior

* Mylk and Cookies

* CAV Revenant

* CAV Centurion

* Anthanelle, Female Wizard (daughter)

* Borin Ironbrow, Dwarf Fighter


Box goes out to @knarthex tomorrow!


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The box arrived on Saturday. The story of Saturday was strange and I posted that here. (In the Random thread.)


This also arrived Saturday:


I think it is probably a cursed item. @Lord of the Dish Pit had some fascinating ideas about its origins. Scroll down a bit further in the random thread to find them. 


Sunday I woke up late, then got sick early.  The box stayed on the chair, in the hall, behind the front door. 

Monday, I thought it was over, I thought I had slept it off. But it started in again that afternoon, (I never even had lunch). Fast forward to now: it’s been 45 hours since I had any food. 

The box is still safely in the hall, untouched by the sickly griffin. (That whale has got to be cursed!)


Just starting to feel a tiny twinge of hunger ... but the fear of eating is still strong. Maybe I will get to the box on Wednesday. 

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Rat13's box has been pillaged!  


These are the items I took:


3 angry pigs in various forms

An old man riding some sort of rat thing


Various others!

Check out that CUTE swashbuckler lady with her feline friend! 


The box should be on its way to the next recipient on Friday!  I need to play an epic level of Tetris first to get the box put back together.  :wub:



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I tried to get to the extra box of goodwill I had ready, but that's a nearly impossible goal right now.... I had some really good stuff to give! 


My art supplies were the first thing packed -- those boxes aren't even visible in this picture!




But I also know y'all would fuss if I just sent the box to the next person without taking anything at all! ::P: So I took two Reaper minis. This is Sandra Garrity's Angel of Mercy (02095) and Bob Ridolfi's cleric (07029). The cleric has fantastic facial hair.



The post office didn't have any more of our box sizes, so there will be a generous amount of tape on this one in addition to the duct tape and other tapes!

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