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Hellboy / BPRD Special Personnel


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Finally think I got this group finished up! I've got a soft spot for the dark pulpy weirdness of the "Hellboy" universe, as we have seen. 


The idea got into my head to do up the rest of the BPRD Special Operations crew from equally non-official sources. A few months back I got a set of 20+ very cheap miniatures for some superhero boardgame and got it into my head to use them as guilt-free conversion fodder. One of them was pretty spot-on for a younger, less jaded version of the pyrokinetic Liz Sherman. I just added a ring of flame from a Nolzur's aasimar wizard and painted her up. Sculpt was pretty basic and blobby, but I think it gets the point across.
Click for turnaround:




Another had a costume that looked like it could be painted as a diver's suit, so SNIP went the head, and SQUISH went the green stuff, and with a mechanical-pencil eraser  cap, a jump ring, and some tiny watch parts I turned him into the ectoplasmic medium in a pressure suit, Johann Kraus. Aimed for a compromise between the movie version and the comics version. 



Turnaround, so you get all sides of that nice, open face:




The belt pouches are chunks of sprue metal. 


And of course who could forget Roger the Homunculus? This was a Nolzur's Clay Golem, and the scale is a bit off, but hey. He's a hulking construct grown from blood and herbs by a deranged alchemist, and the comics are not really consistent about just how big he is. I can overlook it. 
Again, watch parts and sprues factored into the conversion to make his lightning capacitor chest and...other distinguishing features. I assure you, it's canonical that it looks even worse if he has pants on. 



You know the drill, 




But I know what you came here for...ACTION SHOTS!DSCN8229.thumb.JPG.5b92489b280821171655d10e27913b2d.JPGDSCN8213.thumb.JPG.02a2354da40a9b01a6991d99ddad0ee0.JPGDSCN8214.thumb.JPG.af8ed441ec88386e8e1e5159ff18a4fd.JPGDSCN8432.thumb.JPG.bf0a0d5ed23380fff8bdd31c38d9fec5.JPGDSCN8433.thumb.JPG.593680c51c1897bc57116caae6bb4fa5.JPG


Group photo: DSCN8232.thumb.JPG.8b20908cf2b49f823089fa63d64adddf.JPGDSCN8426.thumb.JPG.2b2bcd7f4fd012b56238c0804286f2ff.JPG




Waste not! The torso for Kraus lost a head, but a bodiless bald head is perfect for Hermann von Klempt, horrible head-in-a-jar mad scientist. Ape-X makes a good Kriegaffe. 



And this project finally gave me something to do with the third Grenadier Vile Villain: a good cultish Rasputin ready to summon some Ogdru Hem and/or Ogdru Jahad.






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Thanks, all! This one's been brewing a long time. 

7 hours ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

I'm only really familiar with the movies,

There could be no better choice than del Toro to direct those. There's a man who knows monsters. 

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