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Happy the Mammoth

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I like the paint job and the mini. 


from the title, I was expecting something blue with wings and a candy horn...

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17 minutes ago, ksbsnowowl said:

Is that a 3” base that he’s tacked onto?


yes but after painting he was just liberated.  I suppose I could do a fancy base, but they are more work than fun for me. 

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    • By Rigel
      Lost worlds of prehistoric beasts and troglodytic stone-age peoples are a pulp staple, and when Reaper released the "Pygmy" Mammoth and the Bones Cave Sloth I knew it was inevitable. Here, then, is a small tribe of primitive humans (Caveman Pack, 02395, and Cavegirls, 03303 to provide some gender parity), here to crudely carve out a life in the hostile, beast-haunted wilderness, bravely facing the challenges of the dawn of tool use. 

      The clan's irritable chief and elder, guarding the fire at his ramshackle dwelling, and attended by a semi-domesticated reptile. He wears the spotted hide of a local apex predator, a sign of his high status.

      The clan matriarch and shaman, clad in the skins of an albino antelope, as befits the priesthood. Here we see her engaging in auspicious rites to grant her band the power and might of various wild beasts. 

      A pair of hunter/warriors, one adorned with bright rocks and berry-stained leather, the other in simple bearskins, hone their skills in a friendly sparring match.

      Together they are mighty hunters, 

      and are formidable even one-on-one. 

      The youth and future of the tribe! The chieftain's daughter is experimenting with new technology, as young people will. These new-fangled "shoes" and "shirts" seem like luxurious and wasteful innovations to the elder generation, but thus does society progress. Her counterpart, an adopted foundling of brutish strength and robustness, privately doubts any technology will supersede the stone club. 

      Click for Mammoth-hunting expedition! (feat. 44111 and offspring)

      Divinatory rites to find the richest game: 

      The whole tribe and their beasts:

      A mother ground sloth (44079) and her juvenile offspring:

      ALL of the Dawn Beasts:

      Life is harsh in these primal lands for both human and beast alike. Yet the urge to survive is paramount, and these hardy progenitors and towering brutes will do anything to endure another season. As they might say, were they capable of speech, "It's a living."


    • By Jeepnewbie
      Started a new mini tonight. 

    • By TheUncannyAK
      Hooray! It's an entire tribe of orc warrior women ready to crack some heads!
      I rebase all of my Reaper models, but these had such thin integrated bases that I was able to glue them directly onto Reaper's 32mm round gaming bases and still keep some of the original details. You can see this most clearly with the top of the skull on the base of the Jade Fire Champion (the warrior with the two-handed axe) and the bleached ribcage at the feet of the Jade Fire Shaman.

    • By Lidless Eye
      "All fear Mumlak, Living God-Chief of the Erithereans!"

      A steal at $24.99 from Reaper for the size this guy came out at:

    • By TheUncannyAK
      Here's a bunch of giant animals from the Bones 4 Lost Valley expansion: the axebeak (44075), giant snake (44078), giant cave sloth (44079) and cave bear (44082). My typical color palette preferences tend to be fairly muted but I experimented with primary colors on the axebeak.

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