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Isolation Speed Painting

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Awesome work!


There is a lot of great stuff in there, well painted.



Who makes those Skeletons? Especially the Landsknecht and the one with the fish?


Also, great classic Orc in the first pic and those female brigands look the part!

The Knight looks to me as if he is in a tournament, the fight has reached the stage where both parties dismounted, the canvas from the tribune behind him is damaged by their attacks.

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12 hours ago, Inarah said:

Don't be afraid to post in show off. 


I wouldn't call it afraid. And I do enjoy posting stuff there that I think turned out better than my average. But this portion of the forum just seems more casual and suits my preferences for sharing. That may not sound very clear but I haven't gotten through my first cup of coffee today.


6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Who makes those Skeletons? Especially the Landsknecht and the one with the fish?


Those are all from Skull and Crown Miniatures: https://www.skullncrown.com/collections/triumph-of-death


It was part of their Triumph of Death kickstarter loosely based on the painting of the same name by Pieter Bruegel. I was fortunate enough to see it at the Prado when I was much younger and it is the kind of work that leaves an impression on you. So when this popped up last year I had to get in for a at least a few skeletons. Strangely enough, the armed bunny rabbits are also from them. 


Also, Here's a Harpy that's been sitting on my shelf of shame for many years. Never could figure out where I wanted to go with it. Last night I got sick of looking at it so I slapped some contrast paint on it and gave it a base and called it done.



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Knocked out a few more over the weekend. 


Pact Devil from Bears Head Miniatures. With the names of several of my favorite PCs I've killed that were run by my longest sitting player. I'll send this to him with an appropriate message about where the souls of his characters reside. 




An old Ral Partha (Iron Wind Metals) Goatman by Julie Guthrie. 




These guys will probably end up as some sort of low level demons. 




The other translucent fungus from bones 4. It's morel season around here.



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