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Isolation Speed Painting

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I think the rubble around the base ought to be the same color as the walls.  Then some moss or greenery in that area would look good.  You have dark dirty walls, but the dirt on the ground is pretty light, so I would darken that a bit too. 


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9 hours ago, Tordelback said:

Some great stuff in this thread, Thoramel - could I be so rude as to as about the colour recipe for your KS kobolds?  Just got my own cavalry this morning, and that's very much the direction I'd like to go...


Not rude at all. I start every mini by "priming" it in grey scale like this...




And then for the kobold skin I go over that in a thinned layer of Vallejo orange brown, then drybrush with reaper explosion orange, then hit it with some thinned Army Painter light tone. That's it. Cheers and post your results, I'd love to see some of them painted up.

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So. I stopped posting completed minis because I dropped my phone about a week ago and it broke the camera. I'm going to miss that phone, but it was beyond time to replace it. So long live the new phone! Anyways, I took The suggestions to heart and darkened up the soil of the terrain mini, then gave it some excess vegetation. Thanks for the comments because I really like the results.




I'm still figuring out the new phone camera so it may be a bit before I get photos of everything I've recently painted that I'm happy to post. But here's something I'm pretty satisfied with...




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Still getting the hang of my phone's camera, so here's a few more that I set up under different light conditions to see which I liked best.


This is from a box of bones kickstarter minis I didn't have a use for, occasionally I'll grab one out at random and give it a quick paint job.




Can't go wrong with more townsfolk.




I wanted to paint some elves without green. I kept subconsciously reaching for the green. Something about elves I guess.






This guys happy. And he wants to let the happy out in everyone he meets. Preferably through a hole he just made with his spear.




My wife said this space mousling looks mercenary to her. So I told her she can't have it until she bakes me cookies.




Third time I've painted this guy, favorite so far.





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Haven't kept up with this lately. Life's gone a bit crazy around here the past week and dealing with it has been kind of exhausting. It's been hard finding the energy or inspiration to paint. But prior to all that I did finish some stuff. A couple of which I posted in Show Off. Those are here...






I also got these done around the same time. 


I wouldn't mind getting a couple more of these.




From bones 4 on the left and on the right is a circa 1988 Ral Partha figure I found in a vintage toy store.




Some bones 4 scenery. I tried writing in the open book. But my hand isn't terribly steady. 




I've got a few things half finished on my hobby bench, maybe later this weekend I'll pick up the brush and see if anything interests me. 

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I don't take any responsibility for this conversion...


Here's an actual WiP pic for a change. A close friend in my gaming group also plays in a 2e-ish Spelljammer game. His Spelljammer is crewed by an iron golem mechanic with cannons for hands. His name is Howie and he wanted me to convert something to match him. I asked how he does stuff like fix things or load his arm cannons if he doesn't have any hands and he responded with something like "don't mention that to my GM." So I called his GM, who is also in my gaming group, and asked him how he could let something like that slide. To which he replied with something like "yeah, I'm just waiting until it becomes a critical thing and then I'm going to call him out on it." Well, in the spirit of friendship I got them to modify Howie so that he has at least one hand. The player has declared he won't be sneaky anymore and the GM said he'd point out inconsistencies in the future before they become an issue. But, because I know the GM has plans on trying to destroy Howie in a future session, I agreed I'd make him a pile of golem pieces some time soon. Anyways, after that I'm never trying to modify Wizkids stuff again, the primer stuff is terrible and the material is next to impossible to cut through without power tools, or at least that's my opinion...



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Got a couple of quick jobs done last night.


I found this Copplestone Heroine while looking for stuff to put in the box of good will. I totally forgot I had her. For a half hour paint job I'm pretty happy. And man, those jodhpurs!




And finished these singing mice from the Left at the Bottom of the Garden kickstarter by Andrew Rae. My wife already swiped these for her Kingdom of Mousdom Extension Office (her work from home desk) where they have ended the war between the Mouslings and the fat plastic unicorn by giving them a concert apparently.






And I got word that I'll be returning to field duties starting next month, although I'll still be doing my office work from home. So that will be my official end of social isolation (sort of, I'm not going to be reckless about getting back out into public just yet) which will mean the end of my social isolation painting thread. I figure I can get a few more done before then.

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I managed to get an awful lot of stuff done over the weekend. Most productive I've been hobby wise for a bit.


First off is this female Crusader from Bones 4. I can't express how much I just absolutely love this miniature.






Next up are a couple of more Renaissance skeletons. I'm almost out of these. I'm always a little sad when I'm out of skeletons to paint. So if anyone has any favorite skellies to recommend I'd love to hear about them.




And here's the finished version of Howie, the dumbest conversion ever. Kind of phoned this one in even more than I normally do.




Next up is The Frog Squad. I can't help but think that this guy...






Is hunting these guys for food...






Who in turn are looking to bag this guy for their supper...




Circle of life and all that. But I guarantee they'll come together the first time one of the PC's winds up in their swamp. Also, you may be asking "Thoramel, why are there tree frogs standing about in the muck and armed with stuff typically found no where near their home trees?" To which I say "shhhh."




And finally here's another heavily armed goblin to add to my army of goblin time travellers. We're up to 24 members of the horde now (and 6 musicians). Last time my group ran into these guys there were only 15 of them. I'm sure they'll be excited to see the group has grown.





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