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Isolation Speed Painting

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Got a few more done over the weekend.


First up is this devil fellow from the Bones 4 core set. He was part of a stretch goal that included the devil guy above and a female devil. I painted her also in the same scheme and with a matching base, but she's NSFW and I don't feel like making an off site post of her so she'll remain unseen.




Here's another one from my pile of random minis I don't have much of a use for. I still like to grab one at random and paint it if I'm not feeling like starting anything else. I've got enough barbarians to suit my DMing, and no one ever wants to play a barbarian in my group, so he'll likely sit around unused for a while.




This thing's eyes glow in the dark. 




This is some scenery from Acheson Creations I picked up for cheap at a con. It's supposed to be a stack of felled logs. But you know what I realized about halfway through? Fallen logs don't really look like that. You know what it does look like? A bunch of twigs randomly grabbed from the yard and slapped on some modeling clay. Which is exactly what I think it was. I could have just gone out to my yard and made this. Regardless, trying to get it to look like actual twigs was kind of fun, and no one is going to question that they're logs if they end up on the table.



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Recent speed paints.


Already posted this one in the Show Off thread a few days back. Man, I love these old Shadowrun trolls. My group has been playing some form of SR since the mid nineties and this is going to go over great the next time someone wants to play a troll. 




This is also a Ral Partha Shadowrun figure. It's the female combat mage, I've got the male mage rattling around here somewhere. Kind of phoned this one in, didn't realize how much until I took a picture and could see all the sloppiness.




This is from Rebel Games. Who doesn't love a tiny little kobold riding a weasel? He seems so happy. Of course, I would be too if I had a riding weasel.




I know Reaper has this guy listed as a Cooper. But as far as I'm concerned this is just a medieval homebrewer showing up to the party with a cask of ale. 




Some more Skull and Crown skeletons. Spearmen:




The command team:




Funny thing about that last set. I got these in a Kickstarter and when they arrived the guy with the halberd was broken at the knees. I tried repeatedly to fix him but it was beyond my abilities. So I reached out and asked if I could just purchase him alone (he's sold as part of a pack of three). I figured since it had been many months since they delivered, and me not telling them about the problem right away, it was past the point of getting a replacement. Instead of selling me one they sent me the whole squad along with a sticker and some banners free of charge. Good service, I'm looking forward to their next Kickstarter.

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Keeping up with this thread, here's everything I've finished from the last week.


This is a tree from the recent Mantic Kickstarter. I got a pack of them. They look like they'll fit well with the Tree of Despair from Reaper's last Kickstarter. 




This owlbear is an example of speed painting gone wrong. 




A Reaper Bones dwarf.




Some super quick scatter terrain from Mantic.




A nice howling wolf from Iron Wind on a Secret Weapon base.




This is the Shadowrun Street Samurai. He's basically the street samurai archetype from the old rulebooks. So I painted him to match.





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Got quite a few minis finished in the past week or so.


First up are a few more from the recent Mantic Kickstarter. I threw all the pieces in a gallon bag and just grab a few out at random when I want to paint something quickly.






Here's an elf king that was a free mini from a Reaper order. Can't for the life of me remember the name though.




Mouslings Archer that I had to photograph on my wife's desk because she grabbed it before I could take a picture.




Some sort of fairy from a familiar pack. Kind of evil looking if you ask me.




She is so tiny.




This was in a recent BoGW. I'm not sure what it's from, but it will be joining my goblin horde going forward.




Wererat from the last bones kickstarter. I wasn't terribly excited about this until I put paint on it. But turns out I like it quite a bit. Also, I wanted to practice black fur before trying it on the Black Goat of the Woods. 




Sabertooth Pug. This is just an awesome sculpture.






And finally this fisherman from bones 4. 



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And another week of painting. Still working from home, most entertainment activities (concerts, cons, vacations, weddings, etc...) still cancelled, so still have lots of extra time to paint.


Got some more quick scatter terrain done from Mantic. These are great for keeping busy while on long conference calls where I'm just expected to be present and available to answer the rare technical question.








Bones 3 werecrocodile. Getting pretty low on minis from that Kickstarter.




This hastily painted dancer was just a way to see what some new colors looked like.




This is a dwarf from Tomb Guardians. I've had this for a bit and finally got around to starting it recently. Looks like they're having a dwarf Kickstarter starting this week. May have to check that out.




This is supposed to be a French bulldog, but I can always use a heavily armed pug.




I bought a few of these because I need to give some guitars to goblins at some point. But I thought I'd go ahead and paint one as is.






And here's an old Ral Partha insect spirit. He looks like he's trying to give directions. "Just go right at the hive entrance, straight past the giant cockroaches, and then another right at the egg chamber. Can't miss it."



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Haven't updated this recently because my light box burned out. Finally got around to throwing one together out of bits from my box of packing materials I had intended to turn into scratch terrain some day. So here's some of what I've gotten done over the past couple of weeks.


First up are a few more quick terrain pieces from Mantic. A couple of barricades, a pallet, and a rusty old incinerator. I don't typically paint a lot of rusted out stuff, so that was new for me. Not sure how I feel about the outcome.




That led to me wanting to try some rust and tarnish on armor, this fellow has plenty of armor for trying different things on. And bonus, he should be able to kill a PC all on his own.




Speaking of PC's here's a couple of minis that will eventually end up in a "fantasy PC" storage box. I'm guessing Mr. Serious on the right will probably get picked to hit the table by a player some day. The fox girl, not so much. Kept getting a Hendrix song stuck in my head while painting her.




Here's a couple of wizards. The guy on the left is from the Reapercon boxes and the guy on the right was a freebie from my order of paints and minis for some classes I'm participating in next weekend at aforementioned con. Should be interesting. These were both pretty fun to paint, but that guy on the left really needs some shoes if he's going to be walking around skulls and whatnot. 




And finally this guy. He's not finished, there are still a number of touch-ups I want to do. But I wanted to get him in the lightbox to see how something bigger looks in it. And I decided to put him up here for no other reason than keeping track of everything I'm painting while being at home so much these days. It will get its own thread over in Show Off when I decide I'm completely done with it.



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So I haven't updated this in a while. But honestly life has been moderately busy and so I haven't had as much time to paint or hobby as I would like. Also, I redid my painting area to accommodate having a screen in there for Reapercon and only recently got it back to it's normal arrangement. But the end of season workload is slowing down now, and all of the various elderly family members my wife and I look after around the state seem to be stable and taken care of... so time to get back to some more hobbying.  Here's some of what I accomplished since my last update about three and a half weeks ago:


This guy is a Toxic Spirit from Ral Partha for the Shadowrun universe. He's basically a heap of techno trash come to life. He was actually finished back in late August but I never got around to posting him here. He's so tiny and full of detail.




These were also done in late August. It's a few more of the Ral Partha Shadowrun Cockroach spirits. I already had one painted, but just like real cockroaches, where you find one, there are more lurking. The different colored rags on them should help me keep track on the table.




Then I managed to get a free weekend for Labor Day and Reapercon and got a bunch of speed painting done. I also brewed a bunch of beer that weekend, which I could go on and on about, but this is for minis. So here's my group shot from that weekend (already posted over on in Show Off a while back).




The rest of these were all started back in August but I haven't had much time to work on them until recently. Edna here was the closest to being complete so she got finished up rather quickly and posted like a week ago.




Then Friday night and Saturday I got a chance to finish my other 2 projects I started last month. First is this Frost Giant from Bones 4 which I already posted in Show Off. Not a great picture but I'm pretty happy with her.




And last this is a Dwarf Druid from Bears Head Miniatures. I wanted to do a little vignette type of mini and he seemed like a good choice. He's also not a great paint job, but he makes me very happy. So I may go ahead and give him his own show off thread in the near future. 




That's it for now. I just kind of wanted to get everything down for the purposes of keeping track. I've got a few more things already started on my hobby desk, so hopefully I'll get another batch of speed paints up soon. Cheers all!

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